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O app 99, is one of the best options not only for passengers, but for drivers, considering that they can earn an interesting income through the application, and for the passenger, the great advantage is being able to pay less at the end of each ride.

Since the application is Uber's main competitor, the platform sought to innovate, as well as obtain more attractive prices and more interesting advantages for drivers, which is why the application has grown significantly in the last 24 months, becoming the preference of users.


O app 99, stands out for being very fast, very simple and any beginner user can manage the application in a calm way, not to mention that the application is very light, in a few clicks, after downloading it, it is possible to request your race in a simple way pretty quick.

Application 99
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Application 99

The 99 app is one of the best options when it comes to moving around cities, whether in metropolises or in medium and small-sized cities, the app is one of the most used in the country, second only to Uber, which has been reducing the advantages of the application, ends up directing many passengers to the platform.

It is clear that Uber is still the most relevant company in the market, however, it is followed by its competitors, 99, for example, and Cabify, which has grown in Brazilian capitals, being more sought after precisely because of the price being lower. more attractive to users.

In many Brazilian cities, 99 already competes on an equal footing with Uber, perhaps because its price is even a little more affordable than its main competitor. Many users and drivers have the Uber app and also the 99 app on their cell phones.

Application 99 - Details

  • Simple, easy and fast application.
  • It is possible to follow your trips in real time, both the driver's arrival and the entire journey.
  • Race values tend to be cheaper than the main competitor.
  • The vast majority of drivers have, in addition to the Uber application, the platform 99 application.

Application tools

Transport apps, whether Uber, Cabify, or 99, tend to operate more or less the same way, that is, you enter your destination, your origin, and in a few minutes you can move around Brazilian cities, whichever what differs is the price and the service time.

For that very reason, the big tip is, if you live in one of the Brazilian capitals, it's good to have all three apps on your cell phone, be it Uber, Cabify, or 99 which are the main transport platforms in the Brazilian capitals, in which case it's worth worth assessing which will have the best final price.

Remember, that before confirming your ride, it is possible to view the price of the ride in question, that way you can evaluate in which app the ride will be cheaper at that moment, considering that the values of the rides vary according to the search.


As it should be, 99 has very advanced security features, as the driver needs to present a criminal record, as well as extensive documentation and history to become the official driver of 99. All these concerns also happen at Uber and on Cabify.

It is worth remembering that it is also possible to evaluate all drivers at the end of each race, as safety is a basic requirement in all transport applications today, it is also worth remembering that users are also evaluated by the platform, in a systematic way.

The feature of following the trip in real time, through the map, also helps a lot in terms of security, as the person can follow their trip in real time through the application, as well as share their trip with other people, in order to have total security, and the certainty that you will reach your final destination.

How to download the app

If you are a driver, and want to expand your range of options for transporting passengers, just enter your accredited virtual store, and search for the 99 application, it is worth remembering that if you are an ordinary user, and just want to transporting through the platform allows you to download and install the application as well.

For more information about relevant, innovative applications today, visit our applications tab. The final tip is, if you are going to take a trip using apps, analyze the driver's profile, and also evaluate it at the end of the race, that way you can help new users.

Good luck!

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