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With over 40 million users, the Funny photo montage app It is a true internet phenomenon. This tool is a free and very fun option that allows you to edit images, change the background, bizarre effects and many other features.  

Maybe you've heard about the Face Swap 2, an easy-to-use application that is available on one of the main app stores (Google Play). This program is becoming more and more popular among users on the internet. 


In this post we will teach you how easy it is to use the app functions funny photo montage. You can also follow a complete step-by-step on how to install this free tool on your smartphone.

Why do people download funny photo montage app?

Only on Google Play, there have been more than 187,000 downloads of the Funny Photo Montage App and currently the program has a 4.2 star rating, which is almost the maximum score for any mobile application.

So you might be wondering: why do so many people download this app? The answer is very simple, Face Swap 2 is ideal for anyone looking to have fun on the internet through funny photo montages with automatic effects and random scenarios.

In this way, users who use this mobile program can change family photos, play pranks with friends, add bizarre effects, invert the face of themselves and another person, modify hair, among many fun functions.  

Learn how to create fun videos in Face Swap 2

One of the great differentials of the Funny Photo Montage App is the possibility for the user to create short videos from fun images. There are several resources to animate your photos and once you finish you can share them on social networks. 

You can add a title to your short video and set the display time (normal speed or 15 seconds). For the convenience of users, it is the application itself that turns your edited image into an animation.

So for you to be able to create videos in the Funny Photo Montage App, just edit your images the way you want and before finishing click on the option "Repeat", after that the tool will create a short video of your editing. Enjoy!

Image: Disclosure App Troca Faces 2

Discover all the functions of this mobile application

Now that you already know the popularity and some differentials of Troca Faces 2, the time has come to present all the main functions of the tool, that is, everything you can do to your photos if you decide to download the application, check out:

  • Change or erase the background of your images;
  • Add titles, phrases and subtitles to your edition;
  • Add filters that transform the lighting of your photos;
  • Increase or decrease lips, ears, eyes and other body parts;
  • You can add elements to your creations, such as elf ears, scars, mustache, hair, masks, ties, hat and much more; 
  • Transform people's facial expressions in photos with effects of Aliens, Monsters, Animals, Camera Effects, among other features.

In addition to the functions mentioned above, another feature worth mentioning is the option "Makeup", which allows you to beautify your photos with simple clicks on the screen. The available effects are lipstick colors, face powder and eye shadow. 

Fortunately, the possibilities for editing are many in the Funny Photo Montage App, which is why it is so much fun to work with this tool, which can even be used by children, since the indicative rating on Google Play is free for all ages. 

Use stickers in your fun montages

The funny photo montage app It has more than 600 sticker options to be added to your montages and video creations, among the available options there are animal, monster, heart and birthday-themed stickers.

However, Face Swap 2 allows users to access the sticker store for free and choose which funny stickers best match your edits. Check out some of the main themes available for download:

Tattoos Theme, Thug Life, Dinosaurs, Animals, Candy, Cute Emoticons, Best Friend Forever Extension Pack, Insects & Snakes, Space Objects, Drinks, Ghosts and many more stickers for you to enjoy! 

How do I use the funny photo montage app?

The installation of the Funny Photo Montage App is available for all smartphones with the Android operating system, which means that you just have to open your Google Play application store and you will easily find the program to download.

The step by step is simple: Open the application store on your cell phone and use the search bar to write the name of the desired program, which in this case is “Troca Faces 2”. Once this is done, click on “Install” and wait until the installation is completed. other amazing apps to have fun on your cell phone.  

After completing the download, you will be able to open the application easily and no registration request will be made. All you have to do is choose a photo from your gallery or use any image available in the App to start your montages. 

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