Application To Play Guitar: Learn To Play By Cell Phone


O guitar playing app it has made life much easier for musicians and also for those who want to learn the instrument with their cell phones. And even though there are several options for Apps, we will show here in this text the ones that best fit the need and meet what people are looking for.

In addition, we cannot fail to mention that with the advancement of the internet, access to information that can bring a high level of musical education has become easier. That is, if you have willpower and know how to handle your cell phone, it is possible to learn to play your guitar and, above all, to develop as a musician.


The guitar playing app is available for Android and iOS Smartphones and can be downloaded easily. If you want to know how it can be useful in your musical career, check out the tips that we are going to leave here in this text.

Application To Play Guitar: Is It Possible To Learn The Instrument With Only The Cell Phone?

In fact, applications are increasingly present in our lives, as they facilitate a lot of actions that are part of our daily lives, such as paying bills without having to face queues, and buying online safely, conveniently and quickly.

However, there are also applications that help people to develop in some areas of their lives, such as the application to play the guitar for example. But at the same time, that question arises: Is it possible to learn to play the guitar with just the instrument and a cell phone in hand?

Yes, it is possible to learn, but we already said that the application serves only as a means of virtual learning. That is, it will depend a lot on the student, if he dedicates himself and studies the instrument, he will definitely have results that will make a difference in his musical performance.

What the musician learns with the application to play guitar

To facilitate the musician's engagement with the application, there are some performances that can give him a very practical learning experience and show in a matter of days that he has grown by applying what he learns with the App's virtual tips.

1 – Tuning the Guitar with the Application: Especially for those who are in the learning phase, tuning the guitar is very difficult. Before internet resources, the musician needed a golden ear to make the guitar well tuned and thus emit the appropriate sound.

Then came the pedals that helped a lot when tuning, but with the app to play the guitar things got much easier. All you need is a mobile device with the application installed and it will be possible to make the necessary tuning, which can also be used on guitars, bass guitars, cavaquinhos, banjos, etc…

2 – Musical notes and rhythms: Another learning option is the issue of musical notes and rhythms that the application makes available. With the application to play the guitar, the student learns all the musical notes in addition to the beats that differ according to the rhythms.

What Are The Best Guitar Apps Right Now

There are many App options that can help people who want to develop musically. For this, we will show here the applications that stand out the most:

1 – Coach Guitar: Aimed at those who are beginners and want to develop as musicians, the application teaches students through videos with musical notes and rhythms that accelerate the initial development process. One of its main features is the fact that it has no music theory, tablature or ciphers.

2 – Cromatik App: This option is often used by those who haven't played music for a long time, it ends up being an incentive for students to return to practicing music in general. Unlike Coach Guitar, Cromatik comes with sheet music, catalogue, tablature and chords so that students can follow the lessons by practicing what they show.

3 – EarWizard: Despite not prioritizing just one instrument, EarWizard is an excellent choice for an application to play the guitar. The musician can find it on the Play Store and after installing it, choose which instrument he wants to learn, the classes will bring him a more constant development at each stage.

Is it worth learning to play the guitar with your cell phone?

Many people still have this doubt regarding the content of classes that are part of applications to play the guitar or any other instrument. In fact, the app will serve as a gateway to your music career. That is, it is very useful because it will show you that it is possible to become a good musician.

If you feel that you have this vocation and that you can go further as a musician, you need to enroll in a school and continue learning, which in fact will never end. But one thing is certain, the application will be present in your life forever, especially in urgent moments such as tuning your instrument, for example.

Another important factor is that with the app, the musician always has up-to-date information about notes, chords, musical arrangements. In this way, we conclude that it is worth learning to play the guitar with your cell phone, but never stop studying and preparing yourself more and more in your career as a musician.

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