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Do you like tattoos? How about trying one app to simulate tattoo? That's right! There are many people who like tattoos, however, they don't have the courage to do it, or they don't know how the final result will look, that's why this fabulous app can help you simulate tattoos on your body.

It is true that in recent years, tattoos have grown a lot, nowadays we see many more tattooed people than 10 years ago. Perhaps it is the desire to express oneself that is latent in today's world. However, as we said, some people are afraid of getting tattoos, not only because of the pain itself, but because it is something permanent.


That's why having a app to simulate tattoo, can show you exactly how a tattoo will look on your body, considering that after getting a tattoo, it will be for life, of course there are techniques to remove tattoos, however, they are very painful and most of the time leave unwanted scars.

Application to simulate tattoo
Image: (Google) Application to simulate tattoo

Application to simulate tattoo – Know the best

There is a very interesting application called ”Inkhunter”, which many users consider this app to be one of the best in its category. It is worth remembering that the application is available for both "iOS" and "Android" systems. Through it, you can use the augmented reality feature. That way, in addition to being able to choose the design, the app will carry out all the adjustments related to the contours of your skin.

Another interesting detail is that the application has its own gallery, with a wide range of designs to be tattooed, in this way, you can simulate great tattoo artists executing the designs on your skin. Very quickly and simply, it is possible for you to test several tattoos, thus avoiding going through the famous needles before choosing your final tattoo.

A really cool app, called ”Tattoo Photo 2.0”, which is also available for both Android and iOS systems. The interface is very fast and super simple. If you like tattoos, this is certainly a very interesting application, you can choose themes divided by category. In this application, you can also create your own tattoos, in order to simulate a child's face, for example.

Application to simulate tattoo – The main ones

  • 3D tattoo design App: this is an application intended only for the Android system, as the name says, it is a 3D tattoo simulator. This way you will be able to see the final result on your skin.
  • Tattoo you: this application gives its users tattoos from very famous tattoo artists, but unlike its competitors, it has few free options.
  • Ar Tattoo: the purpose of this application is very similar to that of ”Inkhunter”, as it is also an augmented reality application. The application has a gallery full of very interesting options, worth checking out!

Is it worth getting a real tattoo

This is the important question, because many people want to get a tattoo, however, they are not sure if they will like the result in 10 years, for example, considering that with each passing era, we become different people, and many times we end up regretting getting a tattoo.

For this very reason, the tip is, if you are going to get a first tattoo, choose something simpler and smaller, because if you need to remove that tattoo in the future, it will be something simpler and cheaper, in addition to being less painful. Never tattoo pictures of girlfriends, wives, or the like, because relationships can end and that tattoo will be torturous every time you look at it.

Another important tip is never to get a tattoo at a young age, because it is forbidden for minors to get a tattoo without parental permission. Very young in adolescence, they end up tattooing the names of bands, games, or even the girlfriend who seems to be eternal, however, when she reaches maturity, those tattoos will not make sense to her.

Tattoo hurts?

This is a very normal question, especially among people who are going to get their first tattoo, because in addition to indecision, whether to get a tattoo or not, many people are concerned about whether the whole process is painful. Pain is relative, as there are people who are very sensitive and others who are less sensitive to pain.

Overall, it depends a lot on the place to be tattooed, as there are parts of our body that are more sensitive to pain. Therefore, if it is your first tattoo, choose easier places to be tattooed, as well as a simpler and smaller tattoo, and in an area of the body less susceptible to pain.

Once this is done, of course it is a little sore, as the needle will be piercing your skin to make the design, there are techniques and tattooists who can do the tattoo faster and more accurately, however, regardless of the area to be tattooed, there will be a little nuisance.

How to download app to simulate tattoo

If you want to start simulating tattoos on your body, just go to your app store and download some apps suggested in this article. In a few clicks, you can already tattoo your entire body if you so wish! Not to mention, it's also super fun to simulate the tattoo, even if you're not going to get it.

For more information, visit our apps category and learn everything about the world of technology and news. The final tip is, tattoos are not something for teenagers or for indecisive people, make sure you really want to get a real tattoo, as removing it is something very laborious and painful.

Good luck!

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