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If you've ever needed to remove the background of the photo to use it as an icon or make some kind of montage, you've probably already faced a big problem: managing to cut a photo and leave it without a background, still with quality. That's why today I'm going to show you the Remove BG app.

This application has the premise of making you cut out pieces of the photo and leave it without the background to use it however you want. In addition to several other features that can be of great value when you need to edit a photo.


Not only a background remover, the Remove BG application can also paste photos, edit them, make collages and even record your clippings so that you can use them later whenever you want.

So let's go and learn a little more about how to take the background of the photo on your cell phone and it's very easy.

Remove BG: the beginning of a good application

As soon as you install this application, you'll notice that it won't ask for any type of permission, nor will it make you create a login or use your email to log in and use Remove BG's resources.

take the background of the photo
remove bg

For many users, this point is essential because you'll be able to use the application a little bit even without having to create an account and who knows later if you want you can link an account to the application.

Right on the first page you will see some options like those I mentioned just above:

  • cut photo
  • paste photo
  • your clippings
  • your creations
  • editor
  • collage
  • free style
  • and frames

These are all the tools that are available in the application in general, but within them there are even more tools that you can use when you want to tweak your photos a little bit.

Step by step to remove the background of the photo

In order to remove the background of a photo, you will need to click on the remove background option and then you will notice that an ad will open for you to see. This ad, unlike many other apps, isn't that big so it won't slow you down as much.

After closing the ad you will be able to select an option to take the photo at that exact moment or to select a photo from your own Gallery. If you select any of these options you will need to allow the app to access the Gallery or the photo app to work.

Now that you've selected the photo or taken it, in the part where you can select where you want to cut, just click delete and it will cut some parts of your photo.

In this case, if you want to restore a part, you can also select the restore option and run your finger over the part. That's why I recommend that you select the brush of the necessary size and cut the sides of larger places where you can get a little confused when cleaning the image and leave only that part that you want to make the Cut.

once the selected part is well centered, you can click on the written button at the top or if you have any doubts, you will see some tips on how to use this application.

once it's done you can smooth the image a bit to improve its quality if possible and if you don't need it just select the save option and it will save in your Gallery.

Save the photo but edit it whenever you want in Remove BG

Once saved, you can still make some other changes like putting stickers on the photo, putting a nice background, modifying where the cut is and even adding a text only then the photo will be saved.

Understand then that you will have 2 things saved: the first is the cut without the background that you made and the second is the new photo now edited.

After you do that you can select some app to share that photo with your colleagues and let them see which artist you are in this Remove BG app.

If you go back to the initial screen, you can select other options to edit in case you didn't like that first photo you created. Particularly I liked this option a lot because you can go back and make collages and even edit your photo without having to create everything again.

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