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Many people already know the app Badoo, however, some people do not know the main tools of the application, or have never been interested in knowing it, but Badoo is a very interesting application, so much so that it has already exceeded 5 million transfers.

The application is aimed at single people who want to find occasional partners or who knows even a lasting relationship. For this very reason, it has been very successful not only in Brazil, but all over the world, because the application really fulfills what it promises.


O Badoo without a doubt it is the perfect place for people to meet, especially in the society we live in, where everything aims to profit from doubts and insecurities. For this reason, the conversations are very attractive and unfiltered, in addition to being super authentic.

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Badoo – Be honest

Without a doubt, the key to winning partners on Badoo is to be clear, simple and honest. Show exactly who you are, because it's no use trying to pass for someone, or something that you are not, because, at the time of the meeting, frustration will be certain!

No type of abusive behavior is tolerated, that's why the rules are super strict, and users must respect them to be able to use the app without major problems. The app's security features are state-of-the-art and work great

Badoo facilitates the user experience in meeting new people, that's why you can keep people closer and who have the same tastes as you, it is possible to create encounters through the application, video chat, in addition to being able to check the person's profiles with who are you talking to.

Badoo – Tools

  • You can always find people close to you.
  • It is possible to find people with the same taste.
  • It is possible to have video conversations.
  • It is possible to check the person you are chatting with in depth through the tool "verified profiles".
  • Super secure application with cutting-edge technology.

Premium Subscription

If the user wants to increase the chances of finding that special someone, it is possible to subscribe to the application, that is, “Badoo Premium”. In this way, the user will be able to access many more resources, which will help him when it comes to finding the perfect person for his date.

Among the premium profile tools, you can find out who added you, you can also check who is liking your profile, you can also have your messages read before others, and if you voted wrong, you can undo the vote and fix it the entire process.

There are other features, which are worth checking out, speaking now of price, it may vary from one country to another, the subscription is charged directly to the credit card and is also automatically renewed, unless the user undoes the process.

Is using a dating app safe?

We can analyze it as follows, even with all the security that the dating apps contemplate, it is necessary to have a little intelligence and wisdom, in order not to get into unpleasant situations, because we will meet people who we do not have a deep knowledge of who they are.

For this very reason, the tip is to get to know the profile of the person in question well, chat longer online before meeting, if possible make a video call to get to know the person more deeply, so that there are no surprises. in the meetings.

If, after all this process, you really want to meet a person you are talking to through the Badoo application, the tip is, make an appointment in public places, such as malls, squares, never go directly to the house of a person you are not meet let alone invite someone over to your place on the first date.

How to download the app

If you are interested in the application shown in this article, and want to find an ideal partner through this application, just access your accredited virtual store, and type the term "Badoo", surely one of the first options will be the official application.

That done, just install the application, in a few clicks you can be using all the tools of the application in question. For more information about amazing apps, visit our blog applications tab. The final tip is, be careful, because you have to take every precaution to avoid headaches with third parties.

Good luck! 

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