Big Brother Brasil live online – See how to follow the show on your cell phone


Do you want to follow the Big Brother Brasil live online? Big Brother Brasil 2202 promises! Without a doubt, the expectation is that it will be the biggest BBB in history! For this very reason, it is worth following everything that happens in the most watched house in Brazil through your smartphone.

Many people watch Big Brother Brasil on television and follow the program superficially, however, if you want to follow everything that goes on in the house in detail, you can follow the program full-time, that is, in real time the day all if you want, and the best, on your cell phone.


Last year, many people attended the Big Brother Brasil live online, and managed to closely follow all the crew of the most talked about ship in Brazil, it is worth remembering that Big Brother is one of the most famous programs in the world today, despite having already passed its twentieth version in Brazil.

Big Brother Brasil live online
Image: (Google) Big Brother Brasil live online

Big Brother Brasil live online – How to watch 

There are some ways for you to watch everything that is on Big Brother Brasil 2022, that way you can follow it on open TV, or if you prefer to watch it in more detail, that is, follow it daily regardless of the time, you can subscribe to Rede Globo streaming , the famous "Globoplay", there you can have other options to follow the program.

On open TV, the program is daily, being a summary of everything that happens in the house during the day. In some editions, the program ends up being extended, because sometimes a leader's test, voting and other things that happen in the house end up increasing the time of the program.

As everyone already knows, the program is broadcast on open TV, usually at 9:30 pm on Globo. However, if you want to follow your favorite show on your cell phone, computer, tablet or any other device that has internet access, you can follow everything very closely through Globo's streaming service. 

Big Brother Brasil live online – Know the options

If you are a fan of Big Brother Brasil and wish to follow the program at any time, you can do so through "pay-per-view", which is nothing more than a streaming from Rede Globo, which can be accessed through platform made available in application format; the ”Globoplay” with a very quick registration, you can subscribe to the pay-per-view, choosing the Big Brother option within it.

You can also access streaming directly on your smart TV or smartphone, as well as on your computer or tablet. To sign up, just go to the website or the app and fill in all the fields with your data, if you want to speed it up, just link your Facebook or Google account.

Afterwards, you will be able to choose the plan that best meets your conditions and expectations, in which case you will be able to pay the monthly fees, or per year. Once the payment is made, you will have access to 10 cameras that are in the house and you can choose which camera you want to watch.

Other information

If you are not familiar with streamings, you can follow the program directly on your cable TV, despite the technology of streamings dominating the market, cable TV still exists and can be used to follow Big Brother Brasil 2022.

On TV cabo, you can usually find two channels to follow Big Brother Brasil if you are a customer; Of course, Sky Oi, Vivo or Net. It is very easy for you to apply for membership, to follow the BBB channels. This cost will be charged to your invoice as an add-on. There is also a cable channel on TV called Mosaic, where you can watch several cameras at the same time.

Anyway, there is no shortage of options for you to follow the most watched house in Brazil, if you are younger and already master the world of streamings and digital platforms, it will be quite logical that you will want to follow through these means, if you don't want to, you can access it through cable TV, for example.

Advantages of the online format

  • The first advantage is that you can watch Big Brother at any time directly on your cell phone, just by having subscribed to the Globoplay package.
  • Another advantage is that you can follow along on multiple devices, if you are on the street you can follow through your cell phone or tablet, if you are at home you can follow through your computer or your Smart TV.
  • Remember, that you have access to 10 cameras, we can choose which camera to watch.
  • Finally, depending on your subscription, you will be able to follow all the BBB 2022 content on more than one screen.

How to download Globoplay

If you want to start following Big Brother through your devices, just go to its virtual store and download the app. It's worth remembering that it's available for both Android and iPhone. After a brief registration, in a few clicks you will be able to follow the program.

For more entertainment information, visit our apps category. It is worth remembering that it is an entertainment program and that it cannot become an addiction, that is, be sure to do the important things in your life to follow a TV program.

Good luck!

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