Cabify is good for the driver – Find out the advantages now


Cabify is good for drivers? How about turning your time into financial resources? Whether you are a private driver or even a taxi driver, you can be registered to enjoy the maximum time while driving, and on top of that earn extra money!

Through cabify, you can increase your income, how about taking one trip after another, practically without breaks, and even better, driving in places with high demand, thus increasing not only the value of the ride, but also the tips ! It would be good, wouldn't it?


Without a doubt the application cabify is good for drivers, because through it you can work much more safely, having an indescribable peace of mind, because the application has evaluation tools not only for passengers but also for drivers, increasing safety as well.

Cabify is good for drivers
Image: (Google) Cabify is good for drivers

Cabify is good for drivers who want to work!

  • An important detail of Cabify is the service, as there is a specialized team, available to answer questions from passengers and drivers, because there is nothing worse than not having information, and even more so when you go to look for it, not getting it, Cabify It's very simple and very intuitive.
  • Have no doubt, you will be part of one of the best communities of drivers not only in Brazil, but in the world. It is worth remembering that you can drive with your own car, for that you need to have no criminal record, have an active driver's license, as well as vehicle documents up to date.
  • To participate in Cabify, the vehicle can have a maximum of 8 years of use, that is, 8 years after the car was manufactured, or through a municipal resolution. It is also worth remembering that the app is one of the fastest growing at the moment, being one of Uber's main competitors.

Is it good for the driver or the passenger?

This is a very interesting question, because in addition to being very good for the driver, it is very good for the passenger, as the driver manages to race one after the other, considering the Artificial Intelligence capability of the app, which really has very interesting tools.

Passengers can also find their fastest rides, and it is often cheaper than Uber, however, sometimes it pays more for the driver through Cabify. Really an application that is here to stay, and is already being used mainly in Brazilian capitals.

In cities with less than 200,000 inhabitants, Uber still reigns supreme, as very few users use Cabify in these cities, in this case Uber's main competitor is 99, however, in Brazilian metropolises, Cabify is growing every day bringing more attractive to drivers.

Uber versus cabify

To talk about the advantages for drivers, it is necessary to analyze some important points, considering that the price of gasoline is really exorbitant in Brazil, not to mention that drivers have costs with displacements and also with maintenance of the vehicle in question.

For this very reason, if you live in a capital city, and want to earn extra money, being an app driver, you need to evaluate the advantages of each app, as there are interesting advantages in Cabify, it is worth remembering that new companies tend to offer more advantages .

Now, if you live in a city with less than 200,000 inhabitants, without a doubt, Uber is still a great advantage, considering the practicality and ease of working with it in these cities, where the experience has been very good. Cabify does not work in some cities.

Does it pay to be an app driver?

This is an interesting question, and we need to analyze it carefully, as it may not always be advantageous for the driver to become a sporadic driver, considering that it is only possible to earn money with these platforms if you manage to work a good average of time a day, at least 8 hours a day.

If you have a good, semi-new car, that is, overhauled and working perfectly, you will still have to do small monthly maintenance, considering the number of kilometers your car runs per month, which is why it is good to choose a car with the quietest maintenance.

Therefore, if you only want to ride on the weekends, you have to work hard to have the desired monthly financial return, remembering that fuel prices are very high, which is why it is good to drive slowly and carefully.

How to download the cabify app

If you want to be an application driver, and join Cabify, just enter your accredited application store and search for it, in a few seconds you will be able to download it and quickly register. Everything is very simple and very fast.

It is worth remembering that you need to have a vehicle up to date, driving license up to date, in addition to having a vehicle with less than eight years of use. For more information, visit our applications tab, there you can find the biggest news in the world of technology and applications.

Good luck!

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