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Did you know that you can find cheapest tickets on the Internet? How about you get to know an app to guarantee your cheapest ticket? We will detail everything in this article, because there is nothing better than having a good trip while saving our rich money! It really is a super useful app!

Traveling is a time to rest, taking a trip to the beach, visiting friends and family from other cities, and for that reason, nothing better than having an app to show us the most affordable ticket prices. After all, traveling is necessary!


have access to cheapest tickets, is of paramount importance, especially if you belong to the middle class, or even the lower class, because the difference between the tickets can make a difference when you have fun, because the more money you have left, the more you can invest on the trip itself.

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Cheapest tickets – Top apps

First, let's talk about one of the most downloaded applications for this purpose, "Decolar", it is a super efficient search engine that compares ticket prices, including several companies in addition to several periods. The app is super easy to use. You can also search for hotels, parks and concerts.

There is an application well used by users, called "eDestinos", through it, you can find the cheapest airline ticket at the moment, the application is very simple, you just put where you are and where you want to go, and if the ticket is one-way ticket or return ticket, as well as the number of people. In a few clicks, you can find the cheapest ticket.

The ”Kayak” application is one of the most used today, it is a platform to search for promotional flights, or even travel packages. You just need to enter the origin and destination, as well as the date you intend to travel and the number of people. In a few clicks you will have access to the best deals.

Cheapest tickets – Other apps

Continuing our list, I could not fail to mention "Maxmilhas", which is a little different from most applications, as it is a platform that transactions for airline tickets are made through the miles of its customers, the platform promises a total discount of up to 80%.

The "Momondo" application is very similar to its competitors, and promises to deliver the cheapest ticket at the moment. It is worth remembering that the platform includes some additional features, such as a tool to measure your hand luggage. This feature can really be very interesting for people who travel every day.

The ”Mondi” application is also very interesting, as they have several airlines in their register, when finding the best price, the platform directs the user directly to the website of the company in question, to complete the purchase, as well as carry out the check-in. The app is really easy to use.

Advantages of using apps when buying tickets

  • Find the cheapest ticket on the date you need.
  • Check-in quickly and intuitively directly on the airline platform.
  • Optimize time in the search for better prices.
  • Use tools like; measure luggage, as well as weight information and cheapest flights.
  • Save money to be spent on the trip itself.

Other Apps

Continuing our list, there are other very interesting applications, but they are not as famous as the ones mentioned here. Among them, there is an application called "Passagens unmissable", this platform is focused only on tickets on sale, that is, it has an algorithm designed to find the best deals.

The ”Skyscanner” application is a little different, it has a proposal to find the cheapest tickets, as well as promotional travel packages exactly for users who still haven't decided where they want to travel. Just enter your trip data and in a few clicks you will have the best options.

Speaking now of the ”Voopter” application, it is a very interesting platform, as you can enter up to 4 round trip dates, for the application to make price comparisons for you, everything is done quickly and simply, and at the Finally, prices tend to be more affordable.

How to download travel app

If you want to travel with an airline and stay on top of all promotions, as well as the cheapest prices on the date you want to travel, nothing better than downloading an application to make this task easier. In this article we list the main articles of the category.

After you choose your preferred application, just enter your application store corresponding to your smartphone, then just download and install the application of your choice. In a few clicks, you can already buy your ticket, or even your travel package. Access our apps category for more information.

Good luck!

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