Decibel meter app – Find out if there is too much noise in the air


How about downloading one decibel meter app? That's right! Through a sound measurement application, you can find out if there is a lot of noise in your environment. It is worth remembering that the decibel meter is a device that measures the amount of sound through decibels, that is, you can tell if the sound is loud or quiet.

An application like this can be very useful for many people, such as bar owners, for example, who can measure the noise in their bar, to find out if they are working within the law, and if they are not disturbing the neighbors. In this case, you need to measure at the point where you want to know how much sound is arriving.


Have one decibel meter app, it is also very useful for churches, nightclubs, as each municipality has a specific law of silence, although the law of silence is national, but there are municipal decrees that can differ from city to city. The law also applies to noisy residents and neighbors.

decibel meter application
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Decibel meter application - See the features

Let's talk about the main application in this category, the ”Sound meter”, which is an application for measuring the intensity of sounds, which can be close to you, in addition, it is a great application for measuring sound pressure, for that you just need to understand the graph. Everything is done through the microphone of your cell phone, quickly and simply.

Through this application, you can see the sound intensity of a child's cry, for example, or even an ambulance siren, you can also identify street noises, such as noises coming from bars and nightclubs, or even from churches. It really is a very useful application.

The application has a free version, through which you can use almost all the tools. That way, you can capture different sounds, to know their intensity and volume, so you can compare different parameters, to know how the sound universe works.

Sound Meter Application – Compatibility

Although you can use several tools in the free version, the application also has a "premium" version, that is, a paid version, where the user can have other features in addition to those available in the free version. In this way, you will be able to better analyze the sound vibrations.

And best of all, the paid version does not have ads, that is, you can use the application smoothly, without interruptions from the so hated ads. Currently, the application is in English and only works on cell phones that have an Android system equal to or greater than version 1.6.

It is worth noting that the application will not work on smartphones such as ”Optimus One”, ”P350”, ”GT l9001”, ”ZTE on Xperia X8 X10 mini”. Even if these cell phones have an Android 1.6 or higher, the application will not run, so before downloading the application, you must pay attention to these configuration details.

Advantages of a sound measurement app

If you have a noisy neighbor, it is important to have a decibel meter, so that you can have access to your rights, knowing the law, and taking measurements, proving that your neighbor is acting outside the law and bothering you. It really is something very common in Brazil.

The application is also very useful for bar owners to find out if the sound in their bar is going beyond legal limits and thus disturbing neighbors. In the case of churches and nightclubs, the application is also very useful, not only for the owner of the establishment, or for the direction of the church in question, but also for the neighbors who are around these establishments.

Not to mention that a decibel meter is not something very cheap, so you can download the application for free, being able to take measurements without major problems. The free version has many tools, only with it, it is already possible to do a lot.

Decibel meter app vs analog decibel meter

This is a good question that we need to address, as there are several types of decibel meters on the market, as well as applications that promise to accomplish this task. First, let's talk about the analog ones, as these have more reliable and satisfactory results, as they measure the sound pressure through an analog system.

However, digital decibel meters work very well, and the difference to analog equipment is very small, and this difference will not affect the final result, that's why, before you buy a decibel meter, it's good to research the currently existing models.

Finally, let's talk about the decibel meter application, which works satisfactorily, however, it also has a small variation in relation to the physical device, be it analog or digital, however, considering that you can use it for free, the application meets expectations well.

How to access the App

if the user wants to start making sound measurements through the ”Sound meter” application, just enter your accredited store from your cell phone, it is worth remembering that the application in question is only available for devices that use the Android system, and that need to be equal to or greater than version 1.6.

For more information, visit our blog at applications tab, in a few clicks you can download and install the app, then just start taking measurements, the application interface is very simple and friendly, anyone can start using the application intuitively.

Good luck!

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