Download videos through YouTube Premium – Learn how to do it


Did you know that you can download your favorite videos from YouTube Premium? Have you ever thought about finishing watching that super video that you loved, with incredible images and sound, and right after you finish watching, downloading it in a simple, fast and legal way? That's right, stay with us in this article and we'll explain everything straight.

Who never needed to download a video from YouTube these days? Some videos are restricted and cannot be downloaded, as the content creator did not provide this sharing option. However, through YouTube Premium, it is possible to download videos legally and authorized by the creators of the content.


YouTube Premium, is nothing more than a subscription made for you to use YouTube in a more fluid way, that is, without ads, with special preferences, in short, an infinity of tools, which leaves YouTube in your own way, leaving usability and more interesting navigability for the user in question.

Image: (Google) YouTube Premium

YouTube Premium – How to download

First, keep in mind that you must be using the "Google Chrome" browser to access YouTube. It is also possible to use the resource through the browser "Microsoft Edge", or through "Opera". Unfortunately, other browsers do not yet have compatibility to use this tool.

First, you need to access the website ””, which lists the main features that you will have when you subscribe to YouTube Premium. You can really contemplate a series of advantages with this version of YouTube, as it is very interesting and complete.

Now you need to go to the section titled ”download videos” using your browser, you can click directly on it to test the tool. That's it, now you can test the feature by opening a YouTube video and clicking on the download tab, that way you can download the video of your choice.

YouTube Premium – Accessing Downloaded Videos

After you download your video, you need to go to the top of the screen on the left side and click on "downloads", remember that you can also adjust the quality in which you want to download the video, for that, click in the "download settings" option, now you just need to select the resolution in which you want to download your preferred video.

In the same place you accessed, in addition to being able to download and adjust your video's entire configuration, it is also possible to delete all downloads, in case your computer is full. Everything is quite simple, isn't it? It is worth remembering that the resource will be available for free until October 19 of this year.

It is also important to emphasize that some content creators do not provide the download option for their videos, in this case, not even with the official tool of YouTube itself, the user will be able to download the video, considering that the creator himself of the content did not authorize it.


  • The first big advantage is being able to download the video you are watching in a practical and fast way.
  • The second big advantage is being able to configure the final quality of the video, as this can be very important for some users.
  • The third great advantage is the passivity and speed with which you can download the videos, considering that everything is super intuitive and very simple.
  • And finally, as it should be, YouTube made available the free trial period of the tool until October 19, 2021.

Is it worth downloading videos from the internet

First, it is necessary to remember that not every site is safe, in the case of YouTube, it is an extremely well-known and safe site, and with a very advanced security option, in this case you will not have any problems, as YouTube is perhaps the safest site from the planet.

However, there are malicious websites, and many times we access them to download some content, or to watch them, and we end up filling our computer with viruses and malware that can damage our system, causing a real headache to repair the damage.

The big tip is, have an antivirus installed on your computer, and keep it updated every day, so you don't have surprises with malicious software on your system. It is worth remembering that there are very good free antiviruses, and that solve the problem.

How to download a good antivirus

If you want to download an antivirus for your computer, there are really a wide variety of antiviruses, both free and paid antiviruses, remember that they all have free testing options and also have paid options.

For more information visit our apps category. The most used antiviruses nowadays are "Avast", "Norton antivirus", "Panda", among others, you really need to do a good research to find the best free software, or the best cost-effective one.

Good luck!

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