Educational games for kids – See the best for mobile


Preventing children from using cell phones is not always an easy task, so educational games for kids are the best options, so they learn while having fun. Find out which are the best games of the moment!

Much is said about the harmful effects of using electronic devices in childhood, however, when used consciously, the little ones can study and learn new skills on the internet, including through free applications for cell phones. 


In the case of educational games for kids, there are several tools that teach about literacy, numerals, word formation, drawings and animal names. Learning these things is very important in the first years of life.

Discover one of the top educational games for schoolchildren

Have you ever stopped to think about how much easier it would have been to learn to read and write with the help of technology when you were still a child? Fortunately, this is possible nowadays, hence the importance of the conscious use of electronic devices during the school phase.

One of the educational games for children that aims to improve learning is the LetraKid Cursivo: Handwriting, Alphabet and Abecedary. This tool's main objective is to help children up to 8 years old to learn how to write cursive letters.  

It is worth mentioning that in this first App option, there is a paid and even more complete version. In some cases, the low cost of tools like this is worth it to improve the child's school performance, especially when there is a lot of difficulty. 

For little artists: drawing game that teaches about colors and shapes

For those looking for a completely free game, the Colors and Shapes – Learning for kids it is the right choice. This is a complete, ad-free, fully accessible language tool that teaches basic drawing skills. 

Users can intuitively play and learn to identify shapes, color names and how to make combinations. Within this App, some minigames are available for children to choose the one that most caught their attention and have fun.

However, in addition to learning to identify the drawings in the game, the little ones are also free to make your own creations and unleash your creativity. Parents can also adjust the difficulty level and further encourage their children's learning on the App. 

Image Disclosure of Colors and Shapes application
Image: Promotion of Colors and Shapes application

Children's literacy: application brings together several learning activities

With almost 100,000 downloads on Google Play, one of the educational games for children focused on literacy is Bini Super ABC, which has a series of resources to help the little ones during the learning phase. Check out all the functions below: 

  • The application teaches in a playful way, with animated and colorful letters;
  • In this game children can learn the sounds of each letter of the alphabet;
  • Babies can also have fun with minigames where they can capture the letters on the screen;
  • In addition to discovering existing letters, children learn to form complete words and sentences.

Older children who already know how to draw a letter can test and color the entire alphabet, which helps in memorizing letters and words. There are several animated characters for children to keep interested and learn.

Responsible parents can easily control access to this game, in addition, there is no need to worry about external advertising. This is a tool designed for children aged between 3, 4, 5 and 6 years and has several features. 

Learn how to install any of the educational games for kids

Interested in any of the tools mentioned in this post? Then check out how simple it is to install any of the educational games for kids on your mobile phone. But before that, check out other apps and games with free indicative rating.

Lets go to what matters! All recommendations made in the topics above can be found in the Google Play app store. Parents just need to search for the desired game and click "Install", after that, just wait for the download time.

As we mentioned before, some options may contain ads or the possibility of in-app purchases, but all educational games for kids can be installed for free. Follow the progress of the little ones and have fun together!

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