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Have you heard about eSocial MEI utility portal developed for micro-entrepreneurs? And did you know that you can access this platform for free 100%? That's right! In this article, we will analyze all the details of the platform and how to access it.

The number of microentrepreneurs in Brazil, in the last two years, has grown a lot, perhaps because the pandemic has made it impossible for people to leave their homes and many people have started their own businesses directly from their homes in the “Home Office” format. That's why it's worth taking a look at the platform.


through the service eSocial MEI you will be able to access tools that will help you create your business, as well as maintain it, in addition to providing other tools that will be very important in the daily financial health of your micro-enterprise. It really is a very interesting platform!

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eSocial MEI - Definition

It is a platform that simplifies and centralizes labor, tax and social security operations, the platform was created by the Federal Government, and is aimed at micro-entrepreneurs, in addition to people who own companies with employees, or even a domestic employee.

Through the platform, you will be able to have contractual and personal information of individuals, such as; date of birth, CPF, labor transactions, date of admission, dismissals and leaves. It really is a very useful tool for people who want to know the profile of the workers who could be part of their company.

On the official website of the Federal Government, you will find all labor and social security information in addition to tax obligations in a single place. That way, everything is centralized and it's much easier to send FGTS payments, layoffs, or even admissions.

eSocial MEI - Details

It is worth remembering that in the case of legal entities such as MEIs, that is, the individual micro-entrepreneur, who has employees, or even domestic servants, the use of the platform is mandatory. Therefore, if this is your case, you need to quickly get to know the Federal Government platform in order to have your obligations remedied.

To register, just enter the federal government website and inform your CPF, CNPJ, as well as the date of birth of the main person responsible for the company. You also need to have a digital certificate, which is required by the platform, in which case you must purchase the "A1 certificate", which costs r$ 250, with which you will be able to use all the platform's tools.

According to your profile, the employer will be able to use the platform in several ways. For those who have MEI, there is a simplified module, so you can collect the FGTS, for example, in addition to the social security contribution, however, the DAE must be paid every month and you can do this by accessing your login on the platform.

Important informations

To manage your employees, right after you log in with your digital certificate, just select the "employee management" tool in the main menu. Then, the employer will need to inform the CPF of the employee in question, as well as labor data.

On this tab, you can request registration, in addition to consulting all worker records, such as; vacations, contractual changes or even termination. It is worth remembering that you can also print the entire history of your employees' labor transactions.

Platform advantages

  • The first big advantage is being able to access tools that help you manage your business.
  • The second big advantage is being able to correctly manage your employees, having access to their entire history in a few clicks.
  • Another important advantage is that you can pay for the guides, just enter your login and make the payment.
  • And finally, it is possible to print all the queries you make, for later evaluations in meetings, for example.

How to access the platform

If you want to access the government platform and have access to all the tools on the portal, remembering that it is mandatory for micro-entrepreneurs, just enter the official federal government website and a banner will appear on the first page inviting you to enter the eSocial MEI platform .

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Good luck!

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