Face tune Photo Editor app – Edit your photos easily


I believe that we've all been through the situation of taking a selfie and when it's time to post it, we realize that the eye could be a little more open, or that the smile could be a little more closed and then facetune.

This application will help you to correct some errors in the photo or simply make your photo even more beautiful. Although many people think this is overkill, it is still possible to create some pine cones or improve their appearance.


the application even offers tools that make the face a little more vivid not only to remove some imperfections and get that doll-like appearance, but it looks very natural as long as you don't change the morphology of your face.

Facetune – Easy to use app with great features

The app features a simple workflow for portrait corrections, taking you from teeth whitening to skin smoothing and sharpening details to Glow, which gives the face a pleasing vibrancy.

Effects are grouped into three main categories: Tools, Retouch, and Filters. Most of the effects involve finger painting the area where you want them to be applied, and the app does a good job of automatically detecting the edge of the face so the effects aren't applied to the background as well.

Photo by Anna Shvets on Pexels

A double rectangle icon lets you preview the original for comparison at any time during the editing process.

Also, don't confuse the original facetune app with facetune 2, as the first one doesn't have as many features as its second version and isn't as robust to do everything the new generation can do better.

But anyway, it's still interesting to have one of the 2 on your cell phone to leave your photos, who knows, maybe even lighten your smile if you've just had a coffee and want to take a picture.

Use the glow and make everything more beautiful

As soon as you take the photo, you can use the glow tool and then go to the application's download page to leave this new photo saved on your device and thus post it and send it to whoever you want.

An important point is that face tune is not a completely free application, this means that you will be able to make in-app purchases for other features and tools that are not available in the free version.

Some are already free from the factory, such as the smile manipulation tool, to work on your jaw, as well as the beloved tool to make small changes to the width of your face.

There is also a tool to cut the photo, adjust the lighting (which can be a handy tool when you take a photo at night) and also be able to change the default color of the application itself.

In this sense, there are 10 filters available for free, but there are many others that can be even better with a paid version of the application.

Make modifications BEFORE taking the photo in Face tune

One of the most interesting features of facetune is that it allows you to take pictures but see how the effects look before capturing the picture.

for the undecided this is great as you can tinker a bit with the nose, skin tone, mouth and even the eyes – an interesting fact is that even if you wear glasses the effects still work.

then you'll make the changes while pointing your phone's front camera at your face and then you'll see that your face changes until you find the best shape using the effects available within the facetune app.

You can also apply filters to the image or decrease the intensity of colors and other filters that you can apply as well. an interesting point is that the application was standard for iPhones but now there is also a version available within the Google Play Store.

Now, it is important to remember that within the application some features that are available on your cell phone's Camera may not work. for example, on some iPhone models HDR and panorama do not work within facetune.

on Android the same thing happens. on cell phones with better cameras, you may notice a drop in quality if you take this photo live while you are working on the application.

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