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Did you know that people create a fake facebook profile? That's right, many people end up creating the famous "fake" profile, for various purposes, whether to make sales, or to spy on someone, or even to create capture mechanisms, for example.

However, Facebook itself abhors this practice, given that social media is made for users to interact with each other, with videos, photos and other types of interactions. For this reason, it is possible to find out when a profile is fake, to find out if you are talking to a person, or a robot, or even a person disguised through a fake profile.


For you to discover a fake facebook profile, you need to have a certain amount of knowledge and carry out the tasks correctly, so that you can be successful in your endeavor, which is to find out if a Facebook profile is true or false. Let's see in this article how the whole process works.

fake facebook profile
Image: (Google) Fake Facebook profile

How to find fake facebook profile

For you to find out if a profile is fake, speaking of the Facebook platform, you can do this with some very simple tips. Currently, Facebook has more than 50 million fake accounts. That's why they offer a lot of risk, especially in relation to scams.

There are malicious people, who end up using a fake Facebook, to gain access to user information, to later sell them on the "Dark" market. That's why it's good to learn how to identify a fake Facebook profile. Let's see how it works?

The first tip is to search the person's profile picture, directly in the "Google Images" tool, that way you just have to type the Google username and do a search on your name, and also on the images you are using on the profile.

Fake profile on Facebook – Tips

If you follow the step described above, you will notice that if it is a fake profile, you will find several profiles with more or less the same photos and names, however, if you search the other networks like Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter, and the person doesn't exist there, more or less than the same name, it's a big sign that it could be a fake Facebook profile.

If you find a mutual friend, the ideal is that you contact your mutual friend, before accepting the friend request, in order to check if it is a fake profile or not. It is also worth asking your mutual friend if he knows the person in question only virtually or if he knows himself in person.

Another important tip is to check the amount of friends that person has, because fake accounts, in general, have very few friends. It is also important that you check the profile that is requesting your friendship, and if he has any friends in common with you.

other tips

Another important detail, for you to discover a good Facebook faker, is to take a look at the profile publications. Usually the "fake" profile has very few publications, in addition to being very simple publications, or even without any relevance. For this reason, accounts with little activity can be suspicious accounts, and it is generally not good to accept their friendship invitation, as their objective is usually to obtain your data to sell on the market.

You can also check out their profile pictures, in which case you might want to take a look at all the pictures. It's always good to be wary of photos that are very decorated, that is, produced, because in this case, they are images saved directly from the internet, it's good to see if the profile in question has photos of the person with friends and family.

It is also worth looking into whether the Facebook profile in question also has your Instagram account, as this is another way of checking the veracity of the profile. To do this, enter the Facebook username on Instagram, and see if it really is part of Instagram too, given that most users browse both platforms.

Advantages of identifying a fake profile

  • The first big advantage is to protect yourself, because there are many malicious people.
  • The second big advantage is that you don't fall for pranks, either from malicious people or from an ex-partner, for example.
  • Another important advantage is that if you discover a fake profile, you can report it, thus preventing it from harming other people.
  • Finally, the great advantage of identifying a fake Facebook profile is having your social network cleaner, but faithful and with only your friends and family that really matters, if you don't work with social media.

How to report a fake profile

If you, through these tips, identify a fake Facebook profile, and you want to report it, you can do it in a few steps. Access the suspicious Facebook profile, and click on the three dots, which are right next to the "messages" tab, then just click on get support, or make a direct complaint using the "report profile" option. Then, just click on the fake account, and finish your complaint by clicking on "send".

If you come across a fake account, it is extremely important to report it, as you can avoid great harm to yourself and others. For more information visit our apps category and stay on top of everything that goes on in the digital world.

Good luck!

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