Find out which WhatsApp functions are still missing


you know which ones whatsapp features are missing from the public? That is, you know all the functions of WhatsApp, if you do, congratulations, however, there are other functions that are not yet available to the public and that could be part of the application soon.

It is worth remembering that WhatsApp is one of the main messengers used today, practically every human being on the planet has WhatsApp, without a doubt, it is an application that helps us a lot, we can communicate quickly and fluidly with our friends and family , whether in the same city or even in different countries.


They exist whatsapp features, which are really interesting, like calling multiple people through video tool, calling multiple people on the same call, sending memes, sending audio recording, photos and many other relevant options.

whatsapp functions
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WhatsApp functions that could exist

Even though WhatsApp is the main messenger, there are some tools that its competitors have that would be very well accepted in WhatsApp. Applications such as ”Signal” and Telegram, have very interesting features, for example, the prohibition of printing the application screen, as Signal does.

There is the option of pinning your message to a group in the Telegram application, which would be very useful in WhatsApp, because as the term indicates, this tool allows the user to highlight your message at the top, whether in group or private conversations, in this way information is visible to all users in the group.

If you want to do this in WhatsApp, you will have to use a tool when describing your group, however, it is a bit laborious and it is not as visible and intuitive as in Telegram, for example, the user always has to go to the characteristics of the group to discover the description, for example.

WhatsApp Functions – Competitors

An interesting feature that could exist in WhatsApp, as it already has in IQC and Telegram, is to let users show their reaction in messages, with emojis, for example. In the Telegram application, you can place text balloons, this makes it much easier when you create sensations in your texts.

Another tool that WhatsApp could have is the feature to avoid spoilers, in Telegram, for example, the application hides some parts of the messages of a conversation, the entire content will only be displayed if you click on the blurred part of the text. This tool prevents some information from being shown to the entire group.

In this case, WhatsApp doesn't have anything similar, and it would be good for WhatsApp to research its competitors, in order to be able to improve what is already very good, because WhatsApp is really the main application in this market, why not improve it? it?

Other competitor resources

Another tool that is very interesting and very useful is the capture notice of your message, that is, the screen, the Signal application, for example, is well known for being super safe and one of its main tools is security. of screen. If you enable this feature, no one will be able to take a screenshot of your conversation, for example. 

In this case, WhatsApp also does not have any tool similar to this one, in fact this is an old request from users, as there is nothing better than having more privacy when your conversations are in progress, as they may involve third parties and even important financial transactions.

Another feature that WhatsApp doesn't have is the customization of colors, it seems to be something futile, but many users like to have their favorite messenger completely customized, that is, in the way that best fits them. In this case, WhatsApp only has the "dark" and "light" options, the app does not let the user change its color pattern.

advantage of couriers

  • Instant text messaging.
  • Instant message sending in audio and video.
  • Characterization of texts with emojis.
  • Calls between several simultaneous people within the app in audio.
  • Simultaneous video call between several people.
  • Some platforms offer options to make payments through the application, such as WhatsApp, for example.

How to download app to send messages

If you are already a WhatsApp user, but don't know Telegram or Signal, for example, just go to your app store and search for one of these apps. In a few clicks you can be sending your messages and using all the tools on the platform.

For more information about messaging apps, visit our apps category. The final tip is to understand well how you need to use messengers, in order to use the best options, it is worth remembering that you can have all the applications simultaneously, and use each one at the time you need it.

Good luck!

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