Have you ever wondered how you would look bald? Download and have fun with this application


You know how would i look bald? Have you ever imagined an application that simulates any bald person? That's right! There are apps for you to play this prank, whether with you, friends or family. It's really fun to do the simulations! Let's see all the details in this article.

It is worth remembering that there are people who look extremely elegant without their hair, and that having a well-groomed bald head can be something very attractive, given the preference of some people in this regard. Another use of this application is if you intend to go bald, you can simulate it beforehand, so that you don't have unpleasant surprises after cutting all your locks.


For you know how would I look bald, just take a selfie, and the application will do everything automatically for you, and in a few clicks you will already be able to see the result. It is true that there is an application for almost everything, however, an application to simulate being bald is already too much!

how would I look bald
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App to see how you would look bald – Snapchat

Through this application, you can apply very interesting filters, among them, you can apply the filter to go completely bald, the results are really successful on social networks. People are having a lot of fun with the results as it really is hilarious! Through ”Snapchat”, which is available for Android and IOS, you can accomplish this task.

It is worth remembering that one of the characteristics of this application is that the messages and images that are sent may be available for a short time. For this reason, once the time has expired, messages and photos are completely inaccessible to users.

The application is very simple, and has a very easy to use interface, any user can use the application in the first few moves, as it is a very well thought out application. Let's see in this article a step by step with all the details for you to go bald.

Step by step to see how I would look bald

The procedure is very simple and super easy to carry out, first, you just need to download the ”Snapchat” application on your smartphone. To perform this task, just go to your app store, the Play Store, in the case of Androids, and the Apple Store, in the case of iPhones.

Once you have correctly downloaded and installed the application, you just need to open Snapchat. Right after that, just click on the “smile” option that is on the right side of your screen at the bottom. Now you just have to scroll down and see the options, among them choose the "explore" option.

That done, just click on the option that has a drawing of a magnifying glass, now you need to click on the search, so you can type the term "bald". In this way, the user will have quick access to a wide range of day-to-day effects, including the bald effect.

Advantages of the app

  • The app's first big advantage is that it's very pretty and anyone can operate it in just a few clicks.
  • Another interesting advantage, without a doubt, is the fun, with it, you can entertain your friends and family.
  • Another use of the application is that you can actually see how you would look bald if you wanted to shave your hair.
  • And finally, it's a great option for you to increase the engagement of your publications, considering that fun results tend to engage more on your social networks.

The App Revolution

In the last five years, apps have dominated the internet, and a real revolution is happening every day in this niche market. Developers have already created apps for almost everything, from apps to help you work out, meditate, apps to discover plant names, apps to speak English, in short, it's a lot!

Applications really help us a lot, considering that there are applications that are indispensable today, such as: weather forecast applications, route applications, transport applications, among others, that we would no longer be able to live without their technologies.

Not to mention entertainment applications such as games, however, in this case a little prudence is needed, as there are people who are truly addicted to games in application format. For this very reason, the tip is to use apps to help in your day to day life, if you are going to have fun with them, do it for a short time.

Downloading the Snapchat App

If you want to make these transformations in your look, leaving you completely bald, or even apply other very interesting filters, with very realistic results, just enter your accredited application store and search for the term "Snapchat".

To learn more, visit our applications tab. It is worth mentioning that it is always good to take a look at the number of downloads of the application in question, as well as in the comments, that way you can know if the application will meet your expectations.

Good luck!

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