Horoscope 2022 – Free projections for your sign


How about taking a look at horoscope 2022? Do you know the projections for your sign this year that has just begun? Many people don't believe in the horoscope, but even so, they end up taking a quick look to find out what their sign's trends are for the current year.

In the old days, on the pages of printed newspapers, one of the most beautiful and sought after columns was the horoscopes section, the vast majority of people said they didn't believe it, but they ended up taking a look to see what was being said about their sign, that it happens to this day, however, through digital waves.


in relation to horoscope 2022, you can take a look through the apps, this is a natural trend, since almost all of our needs and curiosities, in addition to fun and entertainment, ended up becoming apps. That's why stay with us, because we're going to show you all the most interesting details of this platform!

horoscope 2022
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horoscope 2022

There is a very interesting website called "Astrolink", which allows its users to have access to the predictions of all the zodiac signs, you just need to put your information in the required place, so you know which sign is and what the predictions are for you. in the year 2022. The application is really interesting.

If you are a Scorpio, Taurus, Leo, Capricorn, Cancer, Pisces or even Aries, you can do a super quick search on what the stars are projecting for your life this year, the people who use the platform , they say it really works.

The platform is very complete, in addition to being able to consult your sign and your predictions, you can have access to a summary of your birth chart, that is, through the stars the platform will deliver your succinct birth chart. And the best of all is that the platform offers this wonder for free 100%.

Horoscope 2022 – How to make a prediction

If you want to make a forecast within the platform, just follow the step-by-step instructions; first you need to enter the official website "astrolink.com.br", then just register using your Facebook platform credentials, that way you will have your account faster.

Then, just click on "continue", now inform your city of birth, click on "continue". To complete, you need to put your date of birth and click on the ”continue” button again. Enter the exact time you were born, and click "continue".

Continuing the step-by-step, the platform will send you a code in the email, now just enter the code and click on "activate my registration". Right after you finish your login, just click on "horoscope", which is on the side. This way the platform will show all the predictions for your sign.

Astrology chart

If you want, in addition to consulting the predictions for your sign, take a look at your birth chart, just scroll down to access a summary of your birth chart, where the most important information will be described for your better understanding.

It is worth remembering that, to be more precise, it is really necessary to make a detailed astrological map, however, the platform's proposal is to be more dynamic and faster, giving more assertive information in a short time, that way, if you want a more detailed map, it is worth worth looking for a professional in the area.

Many people do not believe in astrology, because some of them, due to lack of knowledge, think it is a mystical thing, not a science. Professional astrologers and scholars guarantee that everything in the universe is governed by the stars, as well as the seas, planets and consequently all beings.

Platform advantages

  • Consult your sign in a few clicks.
  • Get access to the most important predictions for your sign.
  • Have access to the summary of your birth chart with the most important information.
  • Simple and intuitive fast platform.
  • Secure site and very well evaluated by users.

astrology vs astronomy

This is a very common doubt among people who do not know astrology or astronomy, perhaps by identifying the names, which seem a lot, however, they are completely different things, despite astrology needing astronomy, however, the opposite does not It's true, astronomy doesn't need astrology.

Astronomy is the science that studies the stars, as the name implies, in addition to studying planets, stars, suns, galaxies, orbits and everything that happens in the cosmos. She also calculates orbits and locations, analyzes temperatures and chemical compounds of stars by ours by our Cosmos.

Astrology, studies the influence that the stars have on people's lives, that is, according to the positioning of the planets and according to your birth chart, it is possible to know what stage of life you are in and what your challenges are, or identify the best times to accomplish something.

how to download app

In the case of "astrolink", you can make the query directly on the website, as shown in this article, but if you want to make a query through applications, there is a wide range of applications that offer this type of service, so even you have to choose carefully.

For more information, visit our apps category, and learn everything about your sign, as well as astrology or even astronomy. The final tip is, don't think that astrology will do things for you, it can only indicate paths and moments, but the final result will always depend on your attitudes and persistence.

Good luck!

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