How to safely gain instagram followers for free


You know how gain followers on instagram safely? Is it even possible? And the best! Free of charge! Let's understand what this article is about, considering that the vast majority of people want to accumulate more followers on Instagram, in order to earn money as a digital influencer.

It is true that nowadays, people are discovering that it is possible to earn money through digital influence, as brands are looking at people with the power to convince public opinion, that is, to convince their audience to know and buy certain products.


That's why it's good to know how gain followers on instagram safely, given that there are many methods to get followers that are dubious and dangerous, in addition to the platform itself being able to boycott users who try to circumvent the system to get many followers.

gain followers on instagram safely
Image: (Google) Gain followers on instagram safely

How to gain followers on Instagram safely

The first tip is to use your bio, because through it you can explain to users who you are and what your profile is about. Bearing in mind that if the person identifies with you, the chances of them starting to follow your posts will be much greater, so the probability of the person being your follower also increases a lot.

Another cool tip is to fill in the bio intelligently, as it is possible to enter up to 150 characters. In this way, define the main qualifications of your page. Next, it is also interesting for you to use the ”Call to Action” section in your bio, where you can place a clickable link.

It is worth remembering that your profile's news feed also influences many people who visit your profile. For this reason, it is very important that you create a beautiful grid of videos and photos, in addition to maintaining a beautiful and pleasant aesthetic. A harmonized color palette also helps a lot to make good impressions.

How to safely gain followers on Instagram – Other tips

Another important tip is the frequency of posts, as people who post more frequently at the most appropriate times tend to get more followers. Remember, if your account is a business one, you will have access to the "insights" tool, which will be able to show you a wide range of information about the people who are following your profile.

In addition, it is interesting that you know how the platform's algorithm works, in order to improve the distribution of your content. It is worth remembering that Instagram aims to analyze the activities of each profile, in order to better target publications that may be of interest to users.

In the ”Reels” tool, the Instagram algorithm combines the habits and tastes of certain profiles, in order to always show relevant content to the people who are looking for it. That way, the more likes and shares your publication has, the more it will be shown by the algorithm.

Other information

We could not forget the famous "hashtags", which help a lot to increase the scope and reach of your publication, that way through the "hashtags", you will be able to reach and attract many more followers to your profile. To give you an idea, publications with hashtags reach up to 11% more than publications without them.

It is worth remembering that hashtags work as "Key Words", that is, a keyword, which is usually directly related to the content that was posted. In case you want to find the best terminologies to add to your publications, you can use specialized tools like; ”Hashtag Suggestion” and the ”Tags Finder”.

Of course, it is also necessary to write captions that are attractive, as captions that pique people's curiosity tend to engage the publication more. It is worth remembering that it is possible to put up to 2200 characters in your caption. For this reason, it is worth focusing on a good caption.

Advantages of the tools

  • The first advantage is to engage a larger audience for your publications.
  • The second advantage is that you increase the number of followers in a completely safe way.
  • Another advantage is that you learn how the platform's algorithm works, so that you can publish at the best times.
  • Finally, you need to master the captions, hashtags and algorithm, as well as be creative when creating your publications, that way you will undoubtedly increase the number of followers in a relevant way.

How to Download the Instagram App

If you are an alien and are not yet part of one of the biggest social networks of the moment, just enter your app store and download the Instagram application, in a few clicks you can be relating to your family and friends, it really is good funny!

For more information about important apps and tools, visit our applications tab and learn all about the modern world! The final tip is, never use dubious methods to get followers, as you could have your account completely banned and lose all the audience you got wrongly.

Good luck!

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