How to Install the CPF Application


In addition to our identification document, easily associated with the RG (whose acronym means General Registration), another document that should always be in our wallets is the CPF, which means Individual Taxpayer Registration.

The Individual Taxpayer Registration is an extremely important document, required in most of the operations you carry out, whether applying for some credit, opening an account at a financial institution, enrolling in school, registering in an application, or literally any other thing.


The CPF basically consists of a series of numbers, specifically 11 decimal digits, whose combination is unique for each Brazilian citizen, which must be accompanied by it, from the day it is registered at the registry office.

As we know, technology is increasingly present in our lives, and it is in this context, it is involved, for this reason, we decided to bring here, various information about the CPF application, which aims to make life easier for citizens , so check out the entire content of this article.

How is the CPF- Cadastro de Pessoa Física application?

Together with the Federal Revenue, the Federal Data Processing Service, a company known by the acronym Serpro, developed an application that aims to present the CPF (one of the most important documents of a citizen) in a digital form, making everything simpler for Brazilian citizens.

The application in question has an artificial chat, in which you can ask any questions about filling out the 2020 Individual Income Tax Declaration (IRPF), which, incidentally, is also another reason for making such a platform available.

You can replace the conventional CPF (printed) with a simple presentation of it, digitally, through the screen of your smartphone or tablet.

However, not all places accept the digital CPF, for this reason, it is important that you do not discard the original document.

It is interesting to note that the CPF Digital application still has notifications regarding the Federal Revenue Service.

In addition, the virtual service tool also allows consultation of the refund and also informs about the deadline for delivering the declaration, fine for delay in sending the document.

What are the advantages of this application?

In addition to everything mentioned above, the CPF- Cadastro de Pessoa Física Digital application also has a very relevant advantage, especially at the moment we are living.

With access to the platform in question, there will be a large decrease in face-to-face attendance at the agency's units during the coronavirus pandemic.

How to install CPF app?

As we highlighted at the beginning of this article, the CPF Digital application is available for installation on all smartphones, whether Android or iOS servers.

Its installation can be done from a very brief step-by-step, see below:

Step 1: Access your cell phone's app store (App Store for Android and Google Play for IOS).

Step 2: in the search bar, search for “CPF Digital”.

Step 3: when you find the correct application, just click on the button that indicates its download, which can be “Install” or “Get”.

Ready! Now is just wait.

And how can I access my CPF?

Once the app is installed, it's time to find out how to get your CPF, check out the step by step.

Step 1: when accessing, a series of conditions of the app will be presented, after reading, click on “I understand”.

Step 2: insert your CPF number and also your date of birth.

Step 3: after clicking on “Next”, it is necessary that you agree with the terms, so that you can continue.

Step 4: then you will need to pass the test of life, which is basically a selfie.

Step 5: after taking the photo, you will need to create a PIN and then click on “Accept”.

Ready! You will now have your Digital CPF in hand.

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