How to know the best selling products on Mercado Livre


You know how to know the best selling products in Mercado Livre nowadays? It is true that thousands of people already live exclusively on sales made by the largest sales portal in Brazil. There are certainly techniques and some information that can make a total difference when it comes to making good sales on the platform.

When Mercado Livre started, few people bet that it would become this current giant, because everyone was afraid of making a purchase on the internet, for lack of guarantees, for not seeing the product, in short, it was something surreal not long ago. Indeed, the platform was something far away.


How to know the best selling products on Mercado Livre, can be very useful for people who have been using the platform for a long time, considering that nowadays many people buy online without any problems, be it a cell phone, TV, refrigerator or any other item.

How to know the best selling products on Mercado Livre
Image: (Google) How to know the best selling products on Mercado Livre

How to know the best selling products on Mercado Livre – Tips

The platform recently released a list containing the most traded items last year, in this list, products from supermarkets were the most traded directly on the platform. Do you know who won first place? Condensed milk! This item led for more than 4 months in the lead.

Another item widely marketed at Mercado Livre in 2021 was beers, as well as ground coffee, chocolate biscuits, detergent and olive oil. Not even the smartest people could have predicted that these items would be the top sellers on the platform.

Nobody ever imagined that the best selling products on the platform in the year 2021 were items like; cookies, chocolates, beers, and even liquid detergent, as the first impression we have is that electronics are the best selling items, but the 2021 list shows us something totally different.

How to know the best selling products on Mercado Livre – Items

The platform believes that supermarket items grew a lot due to the pandemic, as people had to shop directly from their homes, however, after the decrees were reduced, other products began to grow, that is, food products decreased.

Among the best-selling products in 2021 by Mercado Livre, disposable masks and condensed milk stand out, based on the month of January. If the month in question is the month of February, the best selling product was HDs and condensed milk again.

In March, the most sold items were pulse oximeters and HDs. In April, condensed milk again led along with beer. In the month of May, the best selling items were condensed milk and chocolate biscuits. In the month of June the beers.

Other best selling products

In the month of July, the most consumed products were liquid detergent and beer, in the month of August, condensed milk returned to be the sales champion along with beers, in the month of September, chocolate biscuits won the competition on the platform .

In October, condensed milk is again on the list of best sellers within the platform, as well as masks number 95. In November, towards the end of the year, ground coffee appears on the list along with condensed milk. And finally, in December, condensed milk and olive oil were the best-selling items on the platform.

When it comes to Latin America, the trend continued to be the same as in Brazil, with food products and basic necessities appearing as the best sellers within the platform, it is worth remembering that Mercado Livre operates in several other countries, despite being very known in Brazil.

Advantages of the Free Market

  • The first great advantage of MercadoLibre is being able to buy without leaving your home.
  • The second advantage is that you have a guarantee and an invoice, as they are mandatory items.
  • The third big advantage is that you can choose the stores that are best ranked, and that have already made thousands of sales, being evaluated by thousands of users.
  • And finally, another interesting advantage is the fast delivery, in a few days, you will already have your item in your house.

How to download the app

If you still don't have the Mercado Livre application on your cell phone and want to start shopping directly on your smartphone, in a simple and quick way, just download the application from your accredited store, in a few clicks you can already be shopping and receiving the products directly at your home.

For more information about online shopping apps, visit our apps category and learn everything that happens in the world of online retail, as well as the best promotions of the moment. The final tip is, only buy from sellers that are well ranked within the platform, to avoid later problems with products.

Good luck!

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