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O IGTV is an Instagram tool, which is part of the Facebook group of companies that aims to continue innovations, in this way, it clashes with competitors such as Tik Tok, and its other rivals, for this very reason, Facebook has been transforming the Instagram tools, bringing it closer to the most current tools of its competitors.

In this way, the platform tends to combine its longer videos, which are currently transmitted by the IGTV tool, with the feed tool, thus generating a much simpler, and much more intuitive format, called "Instagram video". The change aims to give more power to Instagram videos.


Users are used to using the IGTV, however, this change was already expected for users who have Instagram as their main social network. It is worth remembering that the option for long videos will always be found in the user's profile, in this new tab called "video".

Image: (Google) IGTV

IGTV – Main changes

The combination of IGTV and the news feed will not affect the "Reels" tool, which is a tool created to compete with Tik Tok, considering that it has as its main feature the posting of short videos. That is, if you need to use short videos, you can do it through this tool, if you need to post a long video, you can use the new tool.

iGTV Ads has also undergone changes, so the resource is now called "streaming video", if you want to make sponsored links through IGTV, now you need to go through this new tool. It is worth remembering that to boost videos through the new tool, the video must be longer than 60 seconds.

This was already a well-expected change, since June of that year, it had already been speculated by the platform's developers. There were already rumors that the social network would undergo changes, especially in video-related tools. However, the main objective of the platform remains interaction through media.

IGTV unified with Feed – Advantages

  • The first big advantage of this unification is being able to create larger videos in a single tab.
  • Another advantage is that now your videos longer than 60 seconds will be linked normally by the feed.
  • It is still possible to make sponsored links, but through the new tool instead of using IGTV or the feed.
  • Through the new tool, the whole process is faster and more intuitive.
  • It does not affect the usability of any other Instagram tool.

Main highlights of Instagram

The platform, nowadays, has been making changes to improve the user experience, especially with the new tools. The four most targeted areas to improve user experience are messaging, shopping, video, and creators. Really the changes in Instagram have pleased current users.

Since 2020, the platform has been making important changes, noting that it even removed the famous orange button, which was related to IGTV, where people could access content. At that time, the platform made this change, due to the confusion that users made when accessing the tool.

Instagram, like all social media, aims at interaction between people, friends, family, and also businesses, which is why it is necessary to improve the user experience when it comes to making money. All of these tools have their particularities and advantages, it's worth studying each one, and seeing which tool is best for your target audience.

Is IGTV gone?

The platform guarantees that everything is a matter of naming, as the videos will have to be long, however, the only difference is that they will be found through the “Instagram video” tab, exactly where the lives of the social network are located. That way, the whole process will remain practically the same, it's just a matter of rename.

Uploads and posts will continue to be done in the same way. Instagram is already testing new tools for videos, given that its competitors already do. Soon, the platform will have new features such as: filters, tags, insertion of texts and audio.

The platform certainly tends to improve, given that Instagram is keeping an eye on its competitors, as they offer very interesting tools. It is worth remembering that this change is now available for users around the world. Really Instagram, which was already a very good social network, is becoming something surreal.

How to download the app

If you are not yet an Instagram user and do not understand anything we are explaining in this article, it is worth getting to know better the social network that has grown the most in the last 3 years. Especially if you use social media for business, you can't go without using Instagram.

For more information about apps, visit our apps category. It is worth remembering that to download the official application, just enter its official application store, and search for Instagram. The application is available for both Android and iOS systems. In a few clicks you can already be using Instagram.

Good luck!

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