Instagram is getting an augmented reality filter app


Have you heard about augmented reality? Have you ever put on a 3D glasses, either in games or in mall demonstrations? Yeah, Instagram will win, in the near future, an augmented reality filter! Is this already a transformation from social media to Mark Zuckerberg's metaverse? Let's see the details in this article.

We live in a time when technology has advanced in an overwhelming way! After the arrival of broadband, that is, high-speed internet, as well as the development of applications, technology has taken a frightening leap, in view of all these recent transformations. Augmented reality is sure to be the next revolution in technology.


Have you ever imagined augmented reality be part of apps like; ”Instagram”, ”Facebook”, ”WhatsApp”, ”MercadoLivre”, in short, all internet platforms? No wonder Facebook recently launched the company "Meta", which already owns Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp. Does this "Meta" have to do with the arrival of the metaverse?

augmented reality
Image: (Google) Augmented Reality

Augmented reality in social media

As we said, the company “Meta”, announced this Thursday that it will launch an app to facilitate the creation and sharing of filters that can use augmented reality. The launch will initially be for Instagram Stories. A great technological revolution really begins in the year 2022.

This extraordinary announcement was given at a conference of ”Facebook Connect”, an event that takes place every year, which is aimed only at developers. This application was developed by Spark Ar, and will be fully available for iPhones. However, it still does not have the exact date for the launch of the application.

Thus, this great novelty aims to facilitate the creation of filters for augmented reality. The application called ”Polar”, has a very simple and very intuitive interface, in addition to a wide range of filters for the user to create their augmented reality effects. That way you'll be able to change the color of the skin, hair, eyes, as well as several other possibilities.

augmented reality

In addition to this fantastic app, ”Polar”, Facebook recently announced other features that should integrate this new software, as well as the creation of fantastic filters and effects to create an augmented reality. Perhaps the biggest news is to facilitate augmented reality experiences based on latitude and longitude, that is, coordinates.

The next decade will be marked by the arrival of augmented reality, as well as the fantastic "Mark Zuckerberg's Metaverse". In the same way that the last decade was marked by the arrival of high-speed internet, as well as the arrival of applications, without a doubt the metaverse will be the big change for the next 10 years.

The metaverse opens up a wide range of possibilities, from people being able to put on augmented reality glasses and go to stores, shop in supermarkets, or even watch a show in a virtual city within the metaverse, all in real time and in three dimensions, plus the audio that will be a really impressive thing!

what is metaverse

As everyone can already see, the applications of the company Facebook, became the property of the new company of Facebook, called “Meta”, everything indicates that this name is already a pre-launch for the “metaverse”, already in the year of 2022 The metaverse is nothing more than a parallel reality created in the virtual world so we can do everything we do today on social media, YouTube, as well as on all platforms, however, augmented reality has real-time interaction.

Can you imagine inviting your friends to watch a virtual show, each one having their avatar, that is, their little doll, being able to interact with everything and everyone and still listening to the wonderful show of the band in question? Have you ever thought about entering “MercadoLivre”, instead of typing things, walking down the aisle and choosing your store, as well as your product, and still making the payment in augmented reality?

Have you ever imagined setting up a meeting with 20 people in 20 different places around the world and everyone sitting at the same table, being able to talk and interact, as well as close deals and still make payments in cryptocurrencies within virtual reality? Well then! Welcome to "Mark Zuckerberg's Metaverse"!

Advantages of 3D reality

  • The first major advantage of the arrival of augmented reality on social networks is to increase the power of interaction and engagement with the high public.
  • The second advantage is to increase sales, as well as relationships, considering that augmented reality is much more attractive than simply looking at your cell phone screen.
  • Not to mention the fun, it will be much more fun to have access to ”Stories” on Instagram, for example, in three dimensions, in augmented reality format.
  • Another nice advantage is that you increase the immersion power of your profile, as well as your brand or product.

How to download augmented reality apps

If you already want to use all the resources of 3D reality on social media, you will have to wait a while, as the launch date has not yet been announced, as the process is in "Beta" format, that is, in a test format just for application developers.

For more information on amazing technologies, visit our blog on our applications tab and stay on top of everything that happens in the technological world! It is worth remembering that the metaverse will be really fantastic, however, care must be taken not to replace real life with a parallel life in the metaverse.

Good luck!

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