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Do you know how to download app 99 free? That's right! In addition, you will be able to use all its benefits! The 99 app has been growing overwhelmingly, given that its biggest competitor, "Uber", has been charging higher prices, so consumers, mainly in the capitals, have been using 99 a lot.

We live in Brazil in an absurd time, where 1 liter of gasoline in most cities exceeds r$ 7, it is really a very high price, and the worst thing is that the company Uber, for example, does not change much its policy regarding prices, so drivers end up trying other alternatives to be able to continue working with app transport.


O app 99 it has been one of the best outings, as it already has millions of users, and the rides tend to arrive very quickly, as with Uber, however, prices are currently more affordable. There are some specific capitals, which have other transport applications, such as "Cabify", for example. Let's see all the details in this article!

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99 app features

99 is an app that is widely used today, as it, like Uber, transports passengers. With just a very simple registration on the platform, it is already possible to take a trip through the application. How does the 9 of 9 app work? Right after you properly install the app on your Smartphone, you just need to put your departure address and destination address.

Depending on the category you choose, the race fee may vary. Now all you have to do is check all the travel data, so just make your call. There are several options for making the trip in the 99 application. There is a wide range of categories for users to make their trips through the 99 application.

However, they require some very specific requirements from vehicles, for example, or even from drivers. It is worth remembering that the value of the race in question will also vary according to the chosen category, and it is also necessary to emphasize that not all categories are available in all regions.

99 Application Categories

  • 99 squash: in this category, races come out on average 15% cheaper, but you have to wait a little longer.
  • 99 pop: in this case, cars may be simpler, however prices may be lower.
  • 99 shares: these are cheaper rides too, however you will need to share with other users.
  • 99 delivery: this is very similar to 99pop, but instead of transporting passengers, it transports deliveries.

Other categories

The 99 really comes full of categories to serve a wide variety of users, in the 99 Comfort category, for example, the races have an intermediate price, however, the drivers are chosen if they are evaluated with a score above 4.6, not to mention that The vehicles are also newer.

In the 99taxi category, the rides also have intermediate prices, but the cars can also be registered as a taxi in the respective city halls of your city, it is worth remembering that it is 30% cheaper than a common taxi. Another category that 99 has is the 99 Taxi common, these are more expensive races, but the cars are newer.

Finally, let's talk about the top taxi category: this category is the most expensive of all, as it gives preference to luxury vehicles, and all cars must be registered as a taxi, in addition to having the color black.

99 delivery – How it works

If you want to make a delivery through the application, you can do it too, just as Uber has a delivery service, 99 also has its delivery service, however, it is worth remembering that it is not possible to transport checks, money, products stolen or illicit goods, beverages, cigarettes, weapons, animals, fuel, explosives or flammable materials.

Jewelry, narcotics, some types of medication, among others, cannot be transported either. Really, the question of transport is of paramount importance, as they can cause serious damage to passengers, or to drivers, the tip is, never transport anything to anyone without knowing what you are taking.

Whether you are the driver, that is, you are the passenger who is doing someone a favor, because you never know what can be contained in a closed box, right? It is necessary to pay attention to these details, to avoid serious problems, life is already so difficult, isn't it? Let's avoid bigger problems!

How to download the app

If you want to make your trips through the 99 app, just go to your accredited app store, download and install it on your Smartphone. Everything is very simple and fast, anyone can use the application in just a few clicks.

For other interesting information about technology, visit our applications tab, and stay on top of everything that happens in the digital world. The golden tip is, respect the policy of the apps, in the case of 99, the items that can be transported, to avoid major problems for you and the drivers.

Good luck!

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