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Multiple WhatsApp devices, it is an interesting question for many users who do not have the Beta version of WhatsApp, that through the connected devices tab, it is possible to use a new feature called “multiple devices”. This function is available for iOS system, and also for Android system.

This function is very interesting, as it solves a very old problem with the ”Whatsapp” application, the user's need to always be connected to the Internet, in order to be able to log in to his WhatsApp web on his desktop. It really is a relevant change that we need to pay attention to.


with the resource multiple whatsapp devices, it is possible to connect your app to up to four new devices, so that everything remains autonomous so that you can use all the application's tools simply and quickly, without needing your cell phone to be connected.

Multiple WhatsApp Devices
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Multiple WhatsApp devices

The interesting thing is that all your conversations happen simultaneously on all devices, that is, everything is synchronized and encrypted. Exactly as it happens when we access the "web" option so that we can use WhatsApp from the computer.

It is worth remembering that to manage all your devices, you will always need to use your smartphone. It is really necessary to use the cell phone, considering that it is necessary to maintain security and encryption, bearing in mind that the cell phone will always be with its owner.

WhatsApp is part of the Facebook companies, with that, WhatsApp despite being the market leader, always seeks to innovate, and improve its user experience, considering that there are competitors that have grown a lot today, such as telegram, for example.

How to Activate Multiple WhatsApp Devices

  • First you need to open WhatsApp, and click on "settings".
  • Now you need to choose the "connected devices" tab.
  • Then choose the “multiple devices” option.
  • Now just click on “connect a device”, that way a second device will integrate your WhatsApp.
  • It is worth remembering that the maximum supported devices are 4 devices.

It is possible to use without internet

This is the great news of this feature, because let's imagine the following example: imagine that your cell phone downloads or disconnects from the internet for some reason, if you are using WhatsApp on another device, it will continue to work normally.

WhatsApp really thought of everything, because if you no longer want to be connected to other devices, just exit the "Beta" version, clicking again on "multiple devices", thus selecting the option to exit the Beta version, everything is fine intuitive.

If you have created a group, just to save your files, or type important notes, it is worth remembering that this feature is not available in the Beta version, that is, they will not be recognized on other devices. You have to pay attention to this detail.

Is the new feature worth using?

First, we need to understand what this feature is for, and for whom it is intended, if you are a common user, who just sends a few messages to your friends and family, and do not work exclusively with WhatsApp, this feature may not really make that much difference to you. you.

However, if you use your WhatsApp for work, for scheduling, that is, you use WhatsApp full time, and you always need to keep an eye on the application, without a doubt, the multi-device feature will help you a lot, it will optimize your work.

That way, even if your cell phone runs low, you can continue using WhatsApp on your other devices, not to mention that it is much easier sometimes to use your computer or other device to work using WhatsApp, as the experience is faster.

How to download the new version

First, it is necessary to understand that with each modification in the Whatsapp application, it is done automatically on the devices that are already installed, not requiring the user to make any changes to be entitled to use the new features, everything is updated automatically.

For more information, visit our apps category. If you still don't use WhatsApp, just enter your virtual store and search for the main messenger of the moment, in a few clicks you will be able to use WhatsApp, it really is that easy!

Good luck!

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