Nature Songs to Sleep – Relax with this App


Surely you've heard of it or even know someone who usually hears it. nature songs to sleep, but a common question among Internet users is which application offers this type of functionality for free and with a wide variety. 

Currently, there are many Apps aimed at well-being, whether for moments of meditation or bedtime. People who suffer from insomnia, especially those who have a hectic routine, can benefit a lot from these sounds.


Several experts claim that the Sleeping nature music provides greater relaxation than other types of sounds, such as music for example, as they cause the sensation of “teleportation”, making the person forget about daily stress.  

Discover the app with nature songs for sleep and meditation 

The mobile app Sleep Sounds It has already been downloaded more than 100,000 times by Google Play users and has an excellent rating of 4.6 stars, which is almost the highest score of any application available on the platform. 

This is a tool that has 12 options of nature music to sleep for free and also offers the possibility for the user to customize their experience. The application also has beautiful images of nature and works offline.

This means that even when you are without mobile internet or WiFi, you can listen to nature music to sleep or do daily meditations. What's more, the App download can be done on SD card, without taking up all the space on your phone.

Understand why nature music to sleep reassures us

According to an article published on the portal Viver Bem do UOL, in 2018, just listening to the sound of rain is already something that helps us sleep better and calm anxiety symptoms. But, after all, why does this happen?

According to neurologist Fabio Porto, the sound of falling rain induces our brain to enter a relaxed state of mind, this is because we can awaken memories from sounds like this.

Usually these memories are related to moments of relaxation and well-being, such as a weekend at the beach or a period of rest on the couch at home. In this way, listening to nature music to sleep is an excellent calming for the anxious.

Publication of the application Músicas da Natureza para Dormir
Image: Disclosure of the App Sounds to Sleep

See which are the relaxing songs available in the App 

One of the most common relaxing sounds in Apps like this one is raindrops, however, in this mobile app, the nature songs to sleep go far beyond that. See below what are the 12 options available to users:

  • above the sky
  • autumn grove
  • winter hut
  • quiet cave
  • rain in the forest
  • refreshing rain
  • Rapids in the creek
  • Tropical forest
  • Maria Smoke
  • Calm night
  • Soothing Ride
  • beach at dusk

The variety of nature music for sleeping mentioned above, in itself is a great advantage for anyone using the App, but luckily this is a tool that offers much more features than you can imagine. 

For this reason, all 12 sounds available in the application have smooth and high quality beats, so that when you go to sleep you don't feel the discomfort of hearing hissing and noise in your headphones or your smartphone's speaker. 

Differentials of the application that has sounds of nature for well-being

One of the great differentials of the application that has music of nature to sleep is the function “Timer”, which allows the user to adjust the playback time of each sound. That way, you can program your App to turn off by itself.   

The options for this function are: no timer programmed, just 1 minute, 3 minutes, 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes, 20 minutes, 30 minutes, 40 minutes, 1 hour or even 2 hours without interruptions in your relaxing music, for a deep sleep. 

Finally, the application also promises to help against snoring and has the functionality of Customizable Astral. If you've never tested an application like this, know that it's very simple to use and can be installed in a few steps, see how to do it below. 

Step by step on how to install the Sounds to Sleep App

Downloading applications on the smartphone is a common habit of Internet users nowadays, this happens mainly because there is a wide variety of app for fun, study or even relax, as is the case with Sleep Sounds.

Installing this program on your cell phone is very simple, learn: for smartphones with Android operating system, just search for the name of the App within your application store, which is the Google Play, and then click on “Install”. 

In the case of iPhone users, this can be done through the app store, which is the exclusive app store for iOS phones. Don't worry, in both cases the installation of the App with songs of nature to sleep is 100% free, enjoy! 


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