Orkut: What do people miss most about this social network?


Do you remember the so acclaimed orkut? If you're younger, chances are you haven't used the social media that was huge in the 2000s! Orkut was really the sensation of the moment, as we were still in its infancy in the usability of social networks.

Undoubtedly, current platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, LinkedIn and Twitter must thank Orkut a lot, as it was the platform that introduced this system of interaction to the world, paving the way for the consolidation of social media.


Do you remember to send a "scrap" at orkut? If you don't know what "scrap" is, you probably haven't started interacting on social media through the Orkut platform, however, don't be sad, because we will write throughout this article, what people miss most about this fabulous social media almost extinct.

Image: (Google) Orkut

Orkut – Communities

First, remember that the user could enter several communities, however, remember that there was no limit, however, each user can only have a maximum of one thousand communities. In this case, they could attend forums, for example, of some common interests.

Imagine that you like football, that way you could join several communities that work with an interest in football. It is worth remembering that any subject could generate a new community, so that users who liked that subject could interact with each other through Orkut.

There was also a tool called "events", which was nothing more than completely fixed explanations, which generally informed some event or event. However, the events could not be interactive, that is, responded to. This tool was used a lot as spam.

Orkut – Details

Our interesting tool, which was used in the most interactive platform of the 2000s, were polls, if you can participate in polls today on Facebook, in the comments on YouTube, or even in Instagram Stories, thank its precursor "Orkut" , as polls were very well accessed by users from specific communities.

Another detail that is important to remember is that each person could own a community, in which case they could choose up to 10 people who would be mediators who could choose who could or could not enter the new community, in the case of closed communities, also called moderated, in the case of open communities, anyone could enter, even with fake profiles.

Inappropriate acts within the community, it was naturally banned by the mediator or by the owner, in this case just clicking on "remove", however, the removed person could enter again as soon as he wished. Orkut really had very useful tools, but with many security and system flaws.

Advantages of the archaic platform

  • Even being an old platform, the great advantage of Orkut was to interact with people.
  • It was possible to be part of communities of the same group, that is, with the same tastes.
  • Not to mention that it was super fun to communicate through the chat rooms.
  • It was possible to achieve true interpersonal relationships through the platform.
  • Like everything else in this life, it was also possible to make sales through more archaic tools.

other details

Orkut was really a very interesting platform, in the "videos" tab, you could put your preferences, as well as watch your colleagues' favorite videos. The photos tab was interesting because you could only put 12 photos, that way you could browse through albums.

Who remembers the themes, you could make your Orkut much more beautiful, through the "New Orkut" tool, which was at the top of the screen. Therefore, you could insert new tools in your layout, all this for free. It really was quite interesting.

It was also possible to have access to the platform's applications, so engagement was greater and people were more included in the platform. The best known applications at that time of Orkut was; "The play ace", "I'm going", "Café Mania", "I'm not going", "Colheita Feliz" and Buddy Poke.

The miracles of technology

If you were an Orkut user, it was certainly a time of high discoveries, because until then, we communicated only by phone calls or text messages, and a short time ago, we communicated only by phone, and that's why Orkut was a leap not only in technology, but in human behavior.

For more information on digital platforms and social media, visit our apps category, there you can find all the best in the technological world! The final tip is, use current social media with prudence, as it can bring serious mental and emotional disorders to addicted users.

Good luck!

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