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How about making ice cream at home through the yonan recipes? Let's learn, how to prepare a delicious ice cream, with old recipes, worthy of our ancestors, stay with us, let's know every detail of these wonderful recipes! Welcome to the modern and natural world!

Especially in times of a pandemic, many people began to dedicate themselves to cooking, given that they had to stay at home for a long time, many people acquired the knowledge and practice to make delicious recipes for friends and family.


Indeed, through yonan recipes, or through apps, or even specific YouTube channels, we can learn to cook quickly and simply, using the best chefs of today as a reference. How about impressing your partner?

Yonan Recipes
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Yonana Recipe – Details

Did you know that it is possible to make wonderful ice creams with just fruits? That's right, besides being more practical, it's much healthier! Let's get to know in this article, the machine that can make ice cream with pineapple, strawberry, mango, chocolate or banana, and it is very interesting.

It is a machine called ”yonanas”, which crushes fruits, it is worth remembering that the fruits need to be frozen, so when it is crushed, it ends up acquiring a very creamy texture, very similar to that of an ice cream, it really is delicious.

It is worth remembering that the correct name for this recipe is not ice cream, as it has no added sugar, so the correct name is "sorbet", which is a much healthier type of ice cream, considering that it does not use any artificial ingredient, not even sugar.

Yonana Recipe – Machine

It is an extremely simple machine, because its mechanism works as follows, you place the pieces of frozen fruit in the tube, and inside that tube, there is a piece with several saws that rotates, you just need to push the fruit through the tube, and it it will come out with the texture of an ice cream.

It is possible to make wonderful ice creams with the following fruits, as they have already been tested and the result is really nice, they are: pineapple, banana, papaya and mango, these have a creamy texture, in the case of guava and strawberry, the texture it's like crushed ice cream.

You can also mix the creamy fruits, with fruits that give the texture of crushed ice, if you are passionate about sweets, it is possible to add condensed milk or chocolate, in the case of chocolate, give preference to chocolates of better origin, as this way ice cream will be healthier.

strawberry with pineapple

As the strawberry is a fruit that when crushed has the texture of crushed ice, when mixed with pineapple the final texture is very interesting, very close to that of a conventional ice cream, the natural taste of the fruit is already very interesting, but some people like it adding condensed milk, for example.

It is worth remembering that it is not necessary to add sugar, condensed milk, or chocolate, just choose the most ripe strawberry, and also the most ripe pineapple, that way you can enjoy the natural taste of the fruit. It's really delicious just with the fruit jam.

The idea of "sorbet", that is, natural ice cream, is exactly that you don't need to add anything artificial to your recipe, as the idea is that it is tasty, refreshing and healthy. Many people end up buying the machine solely and exclusively to make natural recipes.

mango flavor

  • The mango flavor is one of those that results in a very pleasant texture, you just need to be especially careful if you add condensed milk, because if you put too much condensed milk the texture can get too soft, in which case it won't be like ice cream .
  • The tip is, put the pieces of fruit little by little in the tube, and gradually add condensed milk too, that way you can control the texture, always leaving it more hard than soft, because the idea is to make an ice cream, the mango is one of the favorites, due to its practicality.
  • The mango flavor is one of the tastiest, considering the creaminess and ease that we can find this fruit in Brazil, it is worth remembering that there are several categories of mango, and they can be made with any one, however, one of the tastiest , is the recipe made with the sword mango.

how to download recipes

If you are interested in purchasing your fantastic machine to make tasty recipes, just look in the most famous stores, such as; Ricardo Eletro, Casas Bahia, Magazine Luiza among others, it is worth remembering that there are thousands of recipes on the internet.

To access the specific recipes for the machine, just type in Google "Yonana machine recipes", in a few seconds the best recipe options will appear, as well as their categories and the easiest ones to make. For more information visit our applications tab.

Good luck!

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