Religion and Spirituality – Know the Differences


Do you know the difference between religion and spirituality? Although they seem to be the same thing, there are very important differences between them, we will deal throughout this article with all questions related to this topic. Let's deal with the topic without religious preferences.

There are many people who are religious, with regard to following the dogmas of a religion, however, they have little spirituality, that is, little fraternity, little real contact with God, or even little love for others and for themselves, and That makes all the difference.


The differences between religion and spirituality start right there, because one thing is to follow rules created by humans, even if based on sacred books, but constructed by humans, without doing the best for yourself and the world, and another thing is not following any dogma, but being fraternal with yourself, with others and with the world.

Religion and Spirituality
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Definition of religion

Religion is nothing more than a set of rules and dogmas to be followed, in this way the institution, be it a church or any other denomination that may be given, creates rules and dogmas to be followed based on sacred books in accordance with their own interpretations.

There are thousands of religions in the world today, and they all have these basic precepts, and from there the rules and dogmas to be followed were created, always through divine revelation, in this way several religions emerged, whether Christian or no.

The religions of the eastern world are older, dating back to more than 5,000 years ago, such as "classical Taoism" for example, over time religions have been modernizing and adapting to the times of societies, but the vast majority maintained the its essence.

Definition of spirituality

Spirituality is something inherent to every living being on planet Earth, considering that everyone is divine creation from a greater creative source, so everyone is exercising their spirituality in a natural way, it is not a matter of belief, it is a tribute of being.

However, especially in the modern era, there are many people who do not profess any religion, however, they are highly spiritualized, with regard to fraternity, friendship, honesty, and several other ethical issues, without needing to have a religion.

For this very reason there may be super religious people who attend temples every day, but have a very small spirituality, as they still have many ethical and moral slips, in the same way there are people who do not profess any religion and because they are ethical they are closer to the creative source.

Do you have to have a religion to save yourself?

First we need to understand what the famous salvation is. There is in the mentality of the modern world, the idea that we need to be saved, that is we need to worship One God, that is, have a religion, and if we are people obedient to dogma, we will be saved.

However, there is an important paradox to be analyzed, the God who created everything and the whole universe is of extreme kindness, love and intelligence, that's why we can ask, does he elect people by dogma or by actions? Being a God of pure intelligence, surely this issue would not go unnoticed.

But there are very religious people who understand that just by following the dogmas and rules of their religion, they would already be chosen to be eternally happy beside God, however, the routine and daily life of that person, either with himself or with the world, is pure unhappiness and bitterness.

What is the purpose of life

This is a philosophical question, but it is worth paying attention to this question, because we are born, we grow and we die, whatever the purpose of any life, it would end with death, of course we are talking about purely material and physical life, without putting the soul into that equation.

Being God intelligence and supreme love, would He create a relatively short life, which would end with death, and then live eternally in the heavens? And what could we say about children who are born with mental dementia, or with significant physical disabilities? Where would divine justice be?

With all certainty God is love and fair, however the way most religions and people see God, ends up encountering some problems, which religious people try to explain from passages of sacred books, but with very particular interpretations.

What is life

From the material point of view, life is a biological process with a beginning, middle and end, so everything would end with the physical death of the body, regardless of whether we live good or bad, then everyone would end up dead in the end. Really the materialist perspective is frightening.

From the point of view of religion and spirituality, life is just a small process, which after its end would continue through spiritual life, some religions believe that material life would be just one, and there are others who believe in the plurality of lives. successive times, the so famous reincarnation.

We need to be good, honest, ethical, faithful and fraternal with the world and with ourselves, because when we do that, we feel the feeling of being alive, happy and happy! Regardless of belief, these attributes are real! For more information visit our apps category. Good luck!

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