Secret friend – Discover 4 free apps to draw


Did you know that it is possible to make the famous ”secret friend” through technology? That's right my friends! Developers have recently released apps to draw among friends! Let's get to know in depth all the tools and what these apps would be to make your secret friend.

The practice of the secret friend is already widespread not only in Brazil, but all over the world, and by the way, it is really a very fun game, because in addition to fraternizing with friends, nothing better than getting a good little gift Is not it?


the practice of secret friend, has gained various modalities and ways of being carried out over time, such as, for example, stipulating a maximum price, or the exact price of gifts, so that, in this way, people do not end up at a disadvantage. In this case, it will not happen that the person giving a soap as a gift wins a good watch.

Secret friend
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Top apps to perform the secret friend

There are very interesting applications in this area, such as: "Amigo Secreto SMS", whose objective is to maintain the original format of the Amigo Secreto, as well as another application called: "Papelzinho", with which you can make the sweepstakes, the apps are available for both Android as for IOS.

It is worth remembering that the result of the draw can be demanded directly by e-mail or WhatsApp of the participants. This process is very interesting, as it prevents the secret friend from being reset every time the person removes it himself.

Another way to perform the secret friend online is using the platform called "Secret friend", it is a very intuitive and very complete website, with many options very similar to the applications. Throughout this article, we will see how to carry out the draw, in addition to a step-by-step guide to learn about all the tools of the applications and platforms.

Secret friend – App Papelzinho

This is one of the most used applications in this modality, as it is one of the best options when it comes to distance drawings. It is worth noting that it is available for the IOS system and also for smartphones that use the Android system. All the process is done through the e-mails of the participants.

An important detail is that to start running the application, it is necessary to have at least three people participating, however, the application allows the user to create several groups, therefore, the application can be used exclusively for a workgroup, for the family, or even childhood friends, for example.

Technology has really invaded all areas of our lives, nowadays there is an app for everything, whether it's working out, meditating, running, reading books, the range really is quite varied. Online secret friends participants often say that it is not as fun as the face-to-face secret friend, but it works well.

Other apps

  • Secret friend Christmas and New Year: This application is one of the best in the category, because you can make the drawing super quickly via Whatsapp. To do so, just put the names of the participants and draw.
  • Another very interesting application is the "Amigo Hidden SMS", as the name suggests, it is an application for a secret friend that uses the SMS system, so it is very easy to carry out the draw, just enter the phone number and that's it, the application will do the whole process automatically.
  • Finally, there is a very interesting application called Amigo Secreto SMS, through which you can import your contacts directly into the application and carry out the draw automatically.

How to choose a gift

This is really a good question, as there are secret friends who stipulate the maximum price, others stipulate the minimum price, and there are even others who stipulate the exact price. However, even so, many people have difficulty choosing a gift for their Secret Santa.

Some feel ashamed, and end up buying better gifts, so as not to be seen as stingy, however these same people often end up giving very good gifts and getting very cheap gifts, because in the same way that there are people who do not want to be seen as stingy , there are others who are smart.

For this very reason, the tip is to buy something in the proposed values, and that has to do with the gender of the person in question, as well as their customs. For example, if the person likes to wear a hat, nothing better than giving them a new hat, it is worth remembering that we need to see if the stipulated value includes this gift.

How to download the app

If you want to make your secret friend through technology, just go to your accredited app store and search for one of the apps shown in this article. Quickly and easily, you will be able to organize your sweepstakes and have fun with your friends, family or co-workers.

For more information, visit our apps category, there you will find the biggest news of the moment! The final tip is not to worry too much about the present in question, because despite being something useful, it is just a reason to socialize with friends, family and other colleagues.

Good luck!

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