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Did you know that you can simulate lipstick color? It really is a very interesting application, completely free of charge you can test different colors of lipstick on your lips, to find out if the color will match your skin and your style, the results are really realistic.

The mouth is a very important part of our face, if it is well cared for, it will make all the difference in the person's appearance and beauty, that's why having a lipstick color simulator can help a lot when choosing the right ones. next lipsticks you will buy, after all you have to be assertive.


Simulate lipstick color, it may seem futile, but for women, lipstick is an indispensable cosmetic accessory and give it a lot of importance, considering that Brazilian women are among the highest spenders in the world when it comes to beauty products and accessories.

Simulate lipstick color
Image: (Google) Simulate lipstick color

Simulate lipstick color

Through the "MakePlus" application, you can simulate various lipstick colors, so you can choose which color suits you best, so you don't waste time when buying the lipstick of your choice. To test it, just download the application, quickly and safely, not to mention that the application is free.

Right after you download and properly install the application, just click on the "studio" option, then choose which lipstick you want to try, now just take a selfie, so that the application quickly and automatically recognizes your face and simulate makeup.

You will be able to choose various brands of lipstick such as; ”Natura”, ”Jorge Armani”, among others. The result is really interesting and can be shared as soon as you finish your choice. You can also use shadows, make a base, or even use an eyeliner, through this application that is available for Android and IOS.

Simulate lipstick color

It is worth remembering that although the company responsible for the application is highly regarded in Asia, you must be careful, as this application asks for many permissions, such as GPS, voice recorder, in addition to phone calls. For this very reason, it is necessary to take a step back, as there are many malicious applications.

However, the company ”Meitu”, guarantees that the permissions are only for the application to be used with a wider range of possibilities, and guarantees that they do not commercialize third party data. Experts warn that we should be careful when granting permissions to applications.

Is it worth downloading the app? The application is very realistic and has very interesting tools, however, you must have your antivirus updated to avoid any type of invasion, it is worth remembering that the application actually asks for several permissions to be installed on your smartphone.

Advantages of the application

  • Fast app with user-friendly interface.
  • 100% free and super lightweight.
  • In a few clicks you can finish your color tests.
  • It is possible to share directly on social networks.

Light or dark lipstick

We can argue for hours, because the controversy will be certain, because many people like lipstick with colder and lighter colors, while other people like lipstick with stronger and warmer colors, there are other people who prefer dark lipsticks, it really is a question of taste.

However, some tips are interesting, if you have white skin, lighter lipsticks like light pink or even burgundy will suit you very well, unless you want to be super sensual and use a stridently red lipstick, that is, it depends on your intention

For people with black skin, pink lipsticks with golden pigments are usually very interesting, or even red lipstick, that way the mouth gets a very interesting highlight in these cases, mainly because black women have more exuberant mouths.

How to download the app

If you want to test the lipstick colors on your lips, you can do it in a few clicks, just go to their virtual store and download the application for free 100%, the whole process is very fast and very easy to do , even people with little intimacy with the cell phone can do it.

For more information and tips on fashion, cosmetics and apps that change your aesthetic, visit our apps category, there you will find fantastic platforms that will help you when it comes to changing your look, be it hair, eyes or makeup, or any other attribute.

Good luck!

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