Snapchat – Here's how to share your best moments


Have you ever used the app? snapchat? It really is one of the most downloaded apps in 2021, because through it, you can share your best moments with your family and friends in a very fun and fast way. Let's know all the details.

The first great feature of the application is that it can be opened directly from your camera, just tap and quickly take a photo, or press the button and hold for a few seconds to make a video and share directly.


The application snapchat it has incredible filters, in addition to lenses, bitmojis and much more resources to make your photos and videos more attractive, we can then post them in real time. It really is a very useful app considering how quickly you can post your photos and videos using the smart filters and other features.

Image: (Google) Snapchat

Snapchat – Features

You can keep in touch with your main friends by sending messages in real time, or you can share your routine through stories, or even in a group. It is also possible for you to participate in a video, through the "video chat", which can have up to 16 people in the same conversation.

Have you ever heard of “friendemojis”? That is, stickers dedicated especially to friends? Well, they are part of Snapchat as well as the ”bitmojis” that are totally exclusive and can be used by you in your publications in real time, it is worth trying the tools.

Through the stories, you can reveal your daily life, or even watch the day to day of a person you are following, the platform also offers you stories based on what you have been looking for in recent times, thus bringing exclusive relevant content .

snapchat advantages

  • Simple, intuitive and secure application.
  • Application optimized for posting photos and videos.
  • Application of filters and other resources in real-time.
  • Free, lightweight, and super easy to install.
  • Snapchat is now one of the top 10 most downloaded apps in the App stores.
  • Fast visual communication, bringing more engagement to brands.

The power of engagement

Nowadays there are a number of social networks, so that people relate to each other. However, over time, some social media became more directed towards well-defined objectives, and each one really has its own particularity.

However, the purpose of all social media is to relate, so companies ended up betting all their chips on social networks to create relationship channels and engagement with their customers, without a doubt this was the big idea!

For this very reason, the Snapchat application is one of the champions when it comes to engagement, as its speed in posting treated photos and videos, that is with filters or texts, has brought a lot of interaction to its users, with its main tools of the moment. .

Other app tools

In the Snapchat application you can find a tool called "spotlight", to show your best content, you can send your "snaps" and still enjoy all your content. You can also choose your favorites.

Another interesting tool is the "map", because you can share your location directly with your friends, without having to leave ghost mode. It is also possible to know what your friends are doing, through the personalized map that they will be able to share with you.

The “memories” tool is also super interesting, as you can save unlimited videos and photos of all your best moments. It is also possible to send and edit the oldest moments, so that your friends remember interesting moments.

How to download the app

If you want to start using the Snapchat application, and use all these fantastic tools in the application, just enter its virtual store and download the app, which is available both for Android and for cell phones that use the famous Apple IOS system.

For more information about amazing apps, visit our applications tab. It is worth remembering that all social media needs to be used with caution, so as not to become an addiction and not bring inconvenience to your personal and professional life, always use it wisely!

Good luck!

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