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Have you ever imagined voice emojis? That's right, Facebook has just launched this new tool, called "Soundmojis", through this new tool, the emoji faces, gained voice, like applause and laughter, for example. The sound bank is quite varied.

The feature can be accessed through the speaker icon, in addition to the sounds of the emojis, the tool also offers sounds from the TV, from the most famous programs, such as the series “Bridgerton” and also sounds from some popular songs, the tool became incredible.


the tool of voice emojis, will really help a lot in terms of engagement, because the more attractive the interactions, the better the engagements, both for normal users and for companies. Facebook always surprises us with interesting news. 

voice emojis
Image: (Google) Emojis with voice

voice emojis

According to the giant Facebook, the sounds that will be made available will always be updated regularly, always bringing new sounds and special effects, as well as some bits from famous artists. In a short time of launch, the emoji with voice is already literally pumped.

To give you an idea, more than 2,400,000 messages are sent including emojis, as this way it is possible to include emotion in words, it is worth remembering that this feature may be extended to WhatsApp in the future, given that WhatsApp belongs to Facebook.

Since the emoji was launched, it has remained on Facebook, considering that it has always been used by millions of users to attribute emotions to words, now with sound, the interaction will really be much greater, as the words end up gaining more life.

Emojis with voice – The best in Brazil

  • One of the most used emojis in Brazil is the little red heart, the emoji with two little hearts for eyes is also a champion, and the emoji of a child with hands together as if saying thank you.
  • Among men, the most used emojis are palms.
  • Among women, the most used emoji is the winking face sending a kiss with a little heart sign.
  • Due to the pandemic, the emoji wearing a mask was also used a lot.
  • Animal emojis were also widely used, such as the butterfly, cat face and dog face.
  • And to end our list, emojis like birthday cake, bonbon, or coffee cup, have been one of the most used ones too.

How to communicate better on the internet

It is already a fact that our lives are fully integrated into the internet, mainly through Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp. Without a doubt, these are the platforms most used by people, not only in our country, but all over the world.

For this very reason, knowing how to communicate well over the internet makes all the difference when it comes to obtaining results, whether professional and financial results, or any other type of result that the person wants to achieve. Being well positioned on the internet today is crucial.

For this very reason, using new features, such as emojis with a voice, can really boost your presence and positioning on social media, thus generating more engagement and improving your relationship with people on the internet.

Knowing what's new makes all the difference

This is really a very important point, all social media always launch new tools, knowing that, we need to be always alert to use new tools, considering that platforms deliver more new tools for them to spread.

In many cases, it is better for you to use a new tool to publicize a product, or service, or even any form of engagement, than to pay for the platform to deliver, bearing in mind that the novelty will be delivered in greater proportions, and for free, because they need to publicize the new tool.

For this very reason, Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp always bring news in a very consistent way, the tip is, as soon as any news comes out on these platforms, start working with them, that way you will have much more visibility in your publications.

How to use Soundemojis

If the user wants to use emojis with a voice, that is, “Soundemoji”, just click on the emoji with the speaker icon when interacting, in this way it is possible to choose the sound that your emoji will emit. The final result is very interesting and attractive.

You will remember that there is already a wide variety of sounds available, and that Facebook promises to regularly update the sound bank for emojis, as the tool is powerful, and people are already starting to use it in a very relevant and active way. .

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