Unemployment Insurance Application: See How to Download and Use


In times of a pandemic, it was clear to everyone that unemployment affected a large part of the Brazilian population, which, in turn, had to reinvent themselves, to overcome the crisis. And as financial aid, such citizens counted on the Unemployment Insurance.

Unemployment insurance is a benefit developed in 1986, during the government of the then president of the republic, José Sarney. As we can see from the name of the benefit, it is intended for those who have recently lost their positions in a given company.


In order for you to be entitled to Unemployment Insurance, in addition to having to follow a series of requirements, it is still necessary to make a request that takes a short time until it is approved, so that you can then have the amount deposited in your account, but for that, you have the help of an application.

Therefore, if you want a lot of detailed information not only about the benefit in question, but also how to download and also use your application, which already highlighted is available for all smartphones, we suggest that you continue reading this explanatory article.

What is Unemployment Insurance and How Does It Work?

As already mentioned, Unemployment Insurance is one of the most important benefits for Brazilian citizens, who no longer work in a certain company, with a formal job (governed by the CLT).

Although this right is generally intended for all unemployed people, it still has different requirements and conditions.

Unemployment insurance is intended for the citizen for a short period, which can vary between 3 and 5 months.

Those entitled to this monthly amount, deposited in your CAIXA account, are:

  • Formal and domestic worker (who has not been fired for just cause and also, by indirect dismissal);
  • formal worker with an interrupted contract, to take a course or professional qualification program offered by the employer;
  • professional fisherman (during periods when fishing is not allowed);
  • working rescued from a job with conditions analogous to slavery.

In order to define what the value of your installments will be and also how many months you will be entitled to the benefit, a calculation is made of your last three salaries.

However, it is worth noting that domestic workers, fishermen and also rescued workers are entitled to installments equal to the minimum wage, which is currently R$ 1,045.00.

Unemployment Insurance Application: See how to download and use

The Seguro Desemprego application is available for installation both for smartphones whose server is Android and IOS.

Here's the installation step by step:

Step 1: access your mobile app store (Android: App Sore and IOS: Google Play).

Step 2: in the search bar, search for “Carteira de Trabalho Digital”.

Step 3: then click on the button that indicates your download, be it “Install” or “Get”.

Step 4: Ready! Now just wait for the download to complete.

So that you can enter Unemployment Insurance through the application in question, see the following step by step:

Step 1: when already installed, access the CTPS Digital application.

Step 2: later, click on the “Benefits” option;

Step 3: Once this is done, click on the “Seguro Desemprego” option, and then click on “Request”.

You will then be directed to a page that will request some personal data, such as:

  • PIS (acronym used to refer to the Proof of Enrollment in the Social Integration Program);
  • Employment and Social Security Card;
  • ID card.

In addition to the number of the Unemployment Insurance application, which if you don't know it, it is information that must be provided by the employer at the time your resignation is given.

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