Whats stops and accelerates the growth of Telegram


Do you know him telegram? Last October 4th, Monday, one of the biggest breakdowns happened, not only on WhatsApp, but also on Facebook and Instagram. In this way, many users were prevented from communicating, in view of the crash, especially on WhatsApp, with this, users will need to look for other alternatives to communicate.

To give you an idea, the Telegram application received around 70 million new users during the WhatsApp crash. It is worth remembering that Telegram is a messaging application very similar to its biggest competitor, WhatsApp. This number was a record of new users in just one day.


Due to high last minute demand, the telegram literally rocked! For this very reason, some users on the American continent have reported a slowdown on the platform, certainly caused by the huge numbers of registrations made at the same time. The more WhatsApp fails, the more Telegram will grow.

Image: (Google) Telegram

Telegram – The refuge of messages

Users had several problems with the WhatsApp application at other times. However, this had never happened to such a large extent, since the Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram applications are very stable, and when any kind of problem occurs, it is quickly resolved.

However, as the problem with WhatsApp and other social networks persisted for a long time, many users needed to exchange messages quickly, and that's when many downloaded the Telegram application, in order to continue chatting in real time with their customers. , friends and family.

It is worth remembering that this also happened in 2015, when the Brazilian courts asked for WhatsApp to be completely blocked on some occasions. However, this phenomenon was not global, it was only here in Brazil. This type of occurrence shows us how dependent we are on social media.

WhatsApp drop accelerates Telegram's growth

At around 7 pm on October 4, 2021, services were fully restored. The teams of engineers learned that some configuration changes, mainly in the "backbone" routers, which are the ones that totally coordinate the traffic of the networks together with our "data centers" can cause this type of problem.

This type of interruption in network browsing triggered an effect called "cascade", so communication became impossible, thus deactivating all services on the giant Facebook platform. Literally the world stopped to watch the crash.

Just after a few hours of WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram system downtime, or its main competitor, "Telegram" began to receive millions of hits and downloads in the official app stores, as many users could not wait any longer, as many used WhatsApp for doing business.

whatsapp vs telegram

It really is a very good fight, considering that they are the two main messaging applications today. Of course WhatsApp reigns supreme in this market as all smartphone users use WhatsApp in some form. However, the Telegram application has gained many fans in recent years.

Perhaps, because it is a fast, intuitive and very easy to use application. A big advantage of Telegram over WhatsApp is that you can send the same message to thousands of people at the same time, using specific tools in the app. And best of all, you can do it for free.

With this WhatsApp failure on the 4th, many users ended up migrating to Telegram, in order to ensure the sending of their messages. It is worth remembering that it is possible to have both applications on the cell phone, that way, when one stops, you can use the other.

Advantages of Telegram

  • Simple, intuitive and very fast application.
  • Completely free application, being able to use all the tools for free.
  • Being the main competitor of WhatsApp, the application tends to improve the main problems of the platform.
  • The application is available for Android and for iOS system.
  • Exchange of messages, by audio, video in a fast and stable way.

How to access the application

In case you are curious, and want to know more about the Telegram messaging application, just enter your accredited virtual store, and type the word "Telegram", the official application will appear in the first option. In just a few clicks, you can already be exchanging messages through the application.

For more information, visit our applications tab, and stay on top of everything that is happening in the digital market. It's worth remembering that there are other messaging apps, so it's good to check if you're downloading the official app, so check the number of downloads and comments.

Good luck!

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