Which tablet to buy to study – See the best options


You know which tablet to buy to study? You need to do a good research before buying your tablet, as there is a wide range of offers on the market today, however, they have some considerable differences, which you need to check before making the purchase.

Throughout this article, we will see which is the best tablet option when it comes to studying, because tablets are cheaper and more practical than notebooks, so let's find out how to buy the best tablet with the best possible cost-effectiveness. .


For you know which tablet to buy to study, we are going to show you in detail some models, and their main characteristics, as well as, what would be the best cost-benefit in the year 2021, stay with us in this article to learn more about tablets.

Which tablet to buy to study
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Which tablet to buy to study 

With the arrival of technology, a lot has changed in our lives, however, certainly one of the most impacted areas has been education, as the internet and mobile devices have made learning faster, not to mention the practicality of mobile devices.

For this very reason, the notebook was replaced by tablets, perhaps due to the practicality of locomotion, as well as more accessible prices. There are very interesting tablet options today, whether for studying at college, at home, at school or anywhere else.

The tablets that we will show throughout this article are also suitable for people who want to use them for the purpose of drawing, since the vast majority of them have support for pens. It is worth remembering that we are going to deal with the best cost benefit, as there are very expensive tablets too.

Which tablet to buy to study in 2021

First let's talk about the tablet ”Positivo T770 32Gb”, this is really one of the favorites of users, as it is one of the cheapest options, the tablet has 7 inches, and is from the Philco brand, which is already well regarded in the Brazilian market. It is worth checking.

Its size is very interesting, as it is larger than the smartphone, for example, it has a sharp screen with HD resolution, with it it is very interesting to study, open PDF, or any other material for consultation and study. This is the cheapest on our list.

Its performance is also very interesting, as it has a 1.3 Ghz 4 core processor, with 2GB of RAM memory, which is very satisfactory for basic activities, such as accessing the internet, opening your emails, making videoconferences, as well how to access your social media.

Best value for money

Let's talk now about Samsung's tablet, called "Galaxy Tab" with 32 GB of internal memory, this is a slightly more powerful option than the previous one, as Samsung values the speed of its devices a lot, and it is also a slightly larger having 8 inches, and also has HD resolution, it is a perfect tablet for those who need to study.

This Samsung tablet has a huge battery capacity, with more than 5,100 mAh, with it, you can study all day long, even videoconferencing or doing more basic tasks. The tablet is very good for videoconferencing as it has a 2 megapixel front camera.

This tablet is very interesting, because it works like a cell phone too, being able to insert a chip from any operator, that way you can use both the wi-fi internet and the 4G internet from your chip, making it possible to study anywhere. That makes all the difference.

Other options

Another tablet from Samsung, highly rated by users, is the ”Galaxy Tab S6 Lite” with 64GB of internal memory. this is a more complete tablet, and also bigger, it has 10 inches, and it is very fast compared to others, because it has a more robust processor, its screen has full HD resolution.

It has an incredible battery too, exceeding 7000 mAh and can easily reach up to two days of use without having to charge the tablet, its processing is extraordinary, as it has a 2.31 GB octa-core processor. Its speed impresses users.

When it comes to a robust tablet, Apple's 8th generation iPad is certainly extraordinary, as it has 128gb of internal memory with a 10.2-inch screen, in addition to a very fast processor, being able to perform the heaviest tasks such as watching movies, or playing heavier games, for example.

Tablet or notebook

If this question were asked a few years ago, surely the best option would be the notebook, in view of the more robust and interesting configurations that they had and still have, however, tablets have evolved a lot, and today they fight on an equal footing. Same with notebooks.

The great advantage of the tablet over the notebook is the practicality of transport, considering that it fits in backpacks, purses, and the like, tablets are also much lighter than notebooks, not to mention that their battery lasts much longer when compared to notebooks.

There are tablets, like Apple's, for example, the eighth generation model, which is equivalent to a good notebook, with the great advantage of being able to spend almost two days using it without needing to recharge, really tablets have evolved a lot and it's worth more to worth than a notebook today.

How to buy a tablet

If you are interested in any model mentioned in this article, just enter the trusted stores, such as; Ricardo Eletro, Casas Bahia, Magazine Luiza, among others, or even through MercadoLivre, in which case you need to choose a good seller that is already well ranked on the platform.

For more information visit our apps category, it is worth remembering that a good price survey when buying the tablet is of paramount importance, considering that there may be variations of up to 30%. Be cautious and wise when finalizing your purchase!

Good luck!

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