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If you are looking for a healthier life, the Home Workout For Women it can be the ideal option to start your workouts with quick exercises suitable for women. Discover in this post all the benefits of this program!

Maybe you've already heard about different applications for cell phones that offer complete workouts to do at home, but you certainly haven't come across one like this one. There are several exercises, with videos and illustrations for you to learn.


In addition, the Home Workout For Women is a free app, with various informative content and exercise plans, but if you are interested in receiving differentiated training focused on your goals, you can subscribe to the App.

Learn more about one of the most downloaded apps by the female audience

Only in the Google Play app store, there are almost 500 thousand people who use the Home Workout For Women. Furthermore, this App for smartphones has one of the highest ratings on the platform, with 4.8 stars and several positive comments.

Unlike other apps that offer home training plans, in this tool practically all the contents are free and customizable. In this way, users can access exercises designed exclusively for their goals. 

Most of the plans available on the App are quick and designed to adapt to women's routines. Some exercises, for example, were created especially for pain relief, face muscles, excess fat in the arms, among others.  

Find out what are the differentials of Home Training For Women  

As soon as the user installs the application and accesses it for the first time, it is necessary to fill out a short questionnaire so that the tool can better understand your goals and be able to offer you an excellent exercise plan.

The options that appear right from the start are: focus on losing weight, getting stronger and staying fit. After that, the user can still choose which parts of the body he would like to focus on during the workouts that he will have to perform with the indication of the App.

All of this information helps Workout at Home for Women understand each user's routine and create personalized options, which makes this one of the app's main differentials. You can also set real goals that fit your everyday life.

Image Promotion of the App Training at Home for Women
Image: Promotion of the App Training at Home for Women

See what are the main functions of the customizable training App 

Now that you already know some of the advantages of Training at Home for Women, it's important to have an idea about what functions are offered in the application, but don't worry, most of them are totally free, follow: 

  • The smartphone application allows you to create reminders and alarms so that you can stay focused and perform your workouts on the chosen days;
  • All exercise plans are created based on your preferences, so they are personalized and can be changed whenever you want;
  • The workouts are different for those who are still beginners, intermediate or advanced;
  • If you are unable to complete all activities, you can restart your progress whenever you feel it necessary, the important thing is not to give up;
  • For users who already use the Google Fit, another application aimed at healthy habits, it is possible to synchronize the two Apps;
  • You can follow your report and consult all your results in the last 30 days, among other functions that help you lose weight for free.

Another great feature of Home Workout For Women is the category "Exercises", which is located in the Main Menu, at the bottom of your cell phone screen. This option has complete workouts designed for different objects, which go beyond weight loss.

Examples of this are the 7-Minute Workouts, Summer Workouts, Routine Workouts, Face Firming Yoga, and Runner's Workout. Some of these exercise plans, despite being free, ask the user to watch an ad video.  

Learn how to install Home Workout For Women on your smartphone

Thinking of trying out all the features of Home Workout For Women on your mobile phone? So don't stop check out other exclusive Apps, which we have already reviewed here on the Portal. There are several options for you to have fun, study and relax in your daily life. 

Now let's get down to business! To download the personalized training App on your smartphone is very simple. If your mobile device has the Android operating system, just search for the program on Google Play and click on “Install”.   

Once this is done, wait just a few more minutes for the installation to be done correctly. iPhone users must do the same procedure, but through the app store, which is the application store for iOS devices.

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