Projovem Adolescents Program


Pro Jovem was created with the intention of guaranteeing the training of young Brazilians aged between 18 and 29 who were unable to complete elementary school due to some factor that prevented them.

The only major prerequisite is that those people who are going to go back to school at least know how to read and write.


When it comes to education, Brazil is still not able to grow towards positive results in all capacity, taking exceptions and states that fulfill their role on a regular basis.

Perhaps a large part of the population is aware that one of the factors that most contribute to economic and social development anywhere in the world is a good education.

The Projovem program, which has a partnership with the Ministry of Education, has already managed to benefit hundreds of young people because, in addition to teaching the whole theory to students, giving a certificate of professional teaching at the end, they also, in a practical way, encourage about how the first steps in the first profession.

This year, more than 54,000 vacancies will open throughout Brazil for those who want to be part of Projovem. The vacancies have two modalities that are distributed between urban centers and countryside/rural. The forecast for the urban Projovem modality is that more than 40,000 vacancies will be open. As for the modality of the Program in the field, it is the rest, which revolves around 11 thousand vacancies.

For those who want to go back to school and want to participate in the Projovem Program, they need to contact the Department of Education of the municipality where the participant has their home and just take some documents such as the Birth or Marriage Certificate, the updated Proof of Residence, the copies RG and CPF on both sides, proof of schooling and two 3×4 photos.

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