Farm Names 2021 – Top Listed for This Edition


With premiere scheduled for September 14, the “2021 Farm Names” has been one of the main topics discussed on social networks. After all, who will be the iconic members this time? In all, there will be 20 participants gathered in Record's reality show.  

In addition to the new members of the program, other changes were also announced by the broadcaster, such as the departure of the former presenter, Marcos Mion. This is yet another doubt that reality fans have, but there are already possible names for the position.


The 13th Edition of one of the biggest Brazilian reality shows is about to start in the next few months, but the question that remains is about who are the names of the Farm 2021. Check out in this post which are the main candidates to participate in the program!

An even bigger edition than the previous one: 2021 Farm Names worth mentioning 

It is no surprise that one of Record TV's biggest concerns is to transform the 13th edition of Fazenda into an even bigger show than the previous one, where the big winner was the singer jojo todynho, with 52,54% of the public votes. 

Therefore, some of the main names of Fazenda 2021 are people who are very successful on the internet, especially when it comes to viral memes. But let's get to the point, meet 03 public figures who are listed and who have already appeared on several sites.

Inês Brasil, MC Carol It is Tati Breaks Shack are names from Fazenda 2021 that have gained great prominence among the main entertainment portals. In addition, they are figures with great expressiveness on social networks and who bring more visibility to the reality show.  

Get to know the profile of the main names of the Farm 2021

If you're a heavy user of social networks, you've certainly heard about Inês Brazil. The singer is an internet phenomenon and is present in several funny memes, she became famous after her registration video for BBB13 went viral on Youtube.  

Image: Inês Brasil, Reproduction from the Internet
Image: Inês Brasil, Reproduction from the Internet

the funk singer MC Carol has a long history in music and has great hits like 100% Feminista and Levante Mina. Carol is an activist, composer and is currently very successful with her advertising partnerships, such as the campaign #OQueTeDefines from Avon.   

Image: MC Carol, Reproduction from the Internet
Image: MC Carol, Reproduction from the Internet

The owner of Hit Boladona, Tati Breaks Shack, She is also a well-known funk singer who is hugely successful on social media with her strong opinions. This is certainly one of the main bets, especially among the artist's fans.

Image: Tati Quebra Barraco, Reproduction from the Internet
Image: Tati Quebra Barraco, Reproduction from the Internet

See also which are the names quoted to present the reality show

In addition to the theme “Names of Fazer 2021” being one of the main subjects on the internet lately, another question from viewers is about the new presenter of the reality show. Here are some of the names that have already been mentioned on the networks: 

  • Celso Zucatelli;
  • Otaviano Costa;
  • Adriane Galisteu;
  • Caio Castro;
  • Luciano Szafir.

Among the names mentioned above, some of the alleged presenters have already had to come out publicly to deny the rumor that they will take over the 13th edition of the Farm, as is the case with actor Caio Castro.  

However, in the last month (06/2021), one of the names that gained the most notoriety on social media and news portals was that of Adriane Galisteu, who has hosted other famous shows on Brazilian TV, such as SuperPop, on RedeTV.  

Entertainment journalist confirms the names of two other participants at Fazenda 2021

According to journalist Fernando Oliveira, better known as Fefito, two other Nomes da Fazenda 2021 would be the singer MC GUI and the model Gui Araújo, two public figures who are on the rise in recent times, both because of the controversies and relationships. 

the funk singer MC GUI he went through a controversy recently, when he was spotted in a clandestine casino earlier this year, contrary to social isolation measures. However, the artist is very popular on social networks and has become one of the main bets for reality. 

The model and MTV presenter, Gui Araújo, gained even more notoriety on the internet because of his participation in the reality show De Férias com o Ex and because of past relationships with artists such as singer Anitta and digital influencer Gabi Brandt. 

Participant of another reality show is quoted to participate in the 13th edition of the Farm

the digital influencer Rico Melquiades, who is very well known on the internet because of his funny videos and challenges, is also part of the Fazenda 2021 list of names. Currently, Rico has more than 2 million followers on Instagram.    

Recently, the influencer debuted in another reality show, De Férias com o Ex, but many portals claim that his participation still cannot be ruled out among the Nomes da Fazenda 2021.    

The news that the artist has been quoted to participate in the 13th edition of the Farm has already been published on several gossip sites, but there is still no confirmation about this. However, speculations about his participation are many and are increasing more and more.  

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