3 Apps to Watch Movies at Affordable Prices


Almost everyone uses apps to watch movies currently, even more so in times of a pandemic, where we were forced to stay at home for long periods of time, this whole situation certainly influenced the success of the famous streamings.

Everyone likes to watch movies, and the famous series that are world and national successes, as there are interesting titles produced in Brazil, this behavior grows every day, as it has become a good source of leisure. It pays to know the best.


let's meet some apps to watch movies, with interesting prices, as we are experiencing an economic recession like never before in history, so let's see which services have the most attractive prices, so that we can use a good streaming service without spending too much.

Apps to Watch Movies
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Apps to watch movies with the best cost benefit

Today there is a wide range of applications on the market that offer the viewing of films or series, whether exclusive, original or even a series that can be watched on several channels. Competition in this niche market is fierce.

However, there are platforms that are free, however, they are not very stable, not to mention that many of them have undesirable ads, which end up disturbing the usability of the platform a little, but there are people who get used to it and end up using them.

However, there are currently very interesting platforms, with a very attractive price, where the user can watch movies and series, having a very large collection of titles, whether of new releases or even original series, we have listed below three platforms to have a good service at an affordable price.

Best apps to watch movies

  • Amazon Prime Video: This is one of the main applications in the category, and is already installed in the vast majority of current Smart TVs. It is a very complete application, as it has a huge collection of movies as well as series. In the case of films, there are more than 3000 titles, and more than 500 series as well, the platform is present in at least 200 countries around the world. The cost to access the platform is r$ 14.90 per month
  • Disney +: this application is very interesting for people who are die-hard Disney fans, as the company has several successful films as well as series and other content. Disney+ subscribers also have access to Marvel, Pixar and Star Wars content and the monthly fee to subscribe to the platform is r$ 27.90.
  • Globoplay: This platform has gained a lot of space among Brazilian users, as it deals with content from the famous Globo, which has many original national series, as well as movies and soap operas too, it is also possible to access the broadcaster’s older content, for that you just need to shell out r$ 21.90 per month.

Worth subscribing to Netflix 

The platform that could not be left out of this article is "Netflix", as it is a streaming that has a huge collection of original films and series, perhaps it is the main platform today, and for that very reason it is worth checking out. , therefore, is the great leader of the segment.

The prices practiced by Netflix are more or less the same as those of its competitors, however, the number of titles offered by Netflix is greater than those offered by competitors, and also the successful series, perhaps because it is one of the first to enter this market. Marketplace.

It is worth remembering that when Netflix was launched, the main film production offices in the world did not bet on the tool, and thought it would be just a fad and that it would end in a short time. Fortunately they were all wrong, and ended up entering this market as well.

It is worth accessing free movie platforms

First, it is necessary to understand that there are official platforms that offer content for free, without being piracy, as they are official channels that transfer all rights to the owners of the titles. There are some websites that are experts.

However, for the content to be offered free of charge to the end user, the platform needs to earn through ads, which is why a little patience is needed, as sometimes ads interfere with the user experience a little.

And many of these platforms are unstable, crashing the movie many times in the best part, however, if you are a sporadic user, and you watch movies a lot from time to time, and you don't want to spend money on it, you can use these free platforms.

How to download apps to watch movie

If you want to use one of the applications mentioned in this article, just access your application store, and type the name in the search, very quickly, the most accessed and used options on the market will appear very quickly. Just choose and continue the process.

Then, just choose your preferred application, click on download, and then install it, all of this is done very quickly and intuitively, in a few clicks users can already be watching some movies and also the successful series, you can prepare the popcorn!

For more information about series and movie apps, or even to find out about the biggest news in the virtual market, visit our apps category. Good luck!

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