Are book signing clubs worth it? Discover the prices


You Book Subscription Clubs is becoming more and more a trend in Brazil. With exclusive editions, renowned authors and special gifts for readers, this is a service that can even be considered economical for those who read a lot! 

Much more than common books, normally, the subscription to a service like this includes several personalized and collectible materials, thus making the reading experience even more interesting. In addition, the shipping cost is also usually affordable. 


For those who are still in doubt about the benefits of book signing clubs, we will present in this post the best options on the market today. Check in the following topics what are the differentials, prices and companies that offer this service.

Discover the main advantages of book signing clubs 

Have you ever imagined receiving books every month at your house? For those who already have the habit of reading, this may seem like a dream. However, prices are something that still hinders access to reading in the country, but fortunately this has been changing over time. 

Nowadays, book signing clubs cost as much as a movie session for two adults or even less, depending on the chosen plan. When we evaluate the cost-effectiveness, this type of hiring becomes very attractive. 

There are several options for all audiences, including children. In this post, we will present three very famous options in the market, which are book signing clubs: Intrinsic, TAG and Reader. Prices start from R$ 39.90/month. 

Intrinsic: box with special editions and hardcover books every month at your home

Created to offer an exclusive service, the intrinsic stands out among the others because it has several releases, which can be read by subscribers even before they are available for sale in Brazilian bookstores, up to 45 days in advance. 

No wonder Intrínsecos is one of the most prestigious book signing clubs on the market. All editions are personalized and the customer receives a box with special gifts, collectibles, magazine with articles, illustrations and much more. 

In all, there are two plan options: the standard one, for only R$ 59.90/month, and the annual one, which costs R$ 54.90/month. The shipping cost is fixed for all regions of Brazil in the amount of 10 reais. To subscribe is very simple, just access the website and fill in the registration data.

Disclosure of the Intrinsic Book Subscription Club
Disclosure of the Intrinsic Book Subscription Club

TAG subscription: plans for all tastes and exclusive gifts

With even more attractive prices, our second indication of book subscription clubs is TAG, which offers much more than individual books. Consumers receive a complete kit at home, which may include the following items:

  • Unpublished edition, with hardcover or paperback;
  • Collectible box for you to store your books with more style;
  • Stylized bookmarks;
  • Personalized gift that is not sold separately;
  • Magazine with information about the author and his work.

All these items vary according to the plan contracted by the customer, which can be the TAG unpublished or TAG Curatorship. In the first option, consumers will be able to count on bestsellers and great works of literature, while in the second plan a special selection is made.

For those who love a popular and highly rated story, the TAG Unpublished plan costs just R$ 46.90/month. But for those who want to receive works from renowned writers, the TAG Curadoria plan can be hired for R$ 55.90/month. 

Leiturinha: one of the largest book signing clubs for children

One of the most popular book signing clubs for this age group is the reader, which has lower prices and three plan options (MINI, UNI and DUNI). Subscriptions can be made for 1 or 2 books per month, from R$ 39.90. 

In addition to children's stories, Leiturinha's subscription service also offers special surprises for children, discounts on other products in the store, exclusive items and support for parents through the mobile app.    

Encouraging the habit of reading since childhood helps to stimulate creativity and improve concentration of the little ones, mainly in the school phase. In addition, there is nothing better than reading a good book with the children in leisure time.   

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