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Millions of people watch the Big Brother Brazil Live Online , our entertainment only comes from social networks or television programs, which was the case with the twentieth edition of Big Brother Brasil broadcast by Rede Globo, which took place last year, and had several participants, which resulted in many truly unforgettable events. This new edition of BBB 21 is making waves, we've already had big fights and the most spoken word this season is "cancellation." ” The Brothers live in fear of it.

However, the reality show in question, despite being much loved by the public (not only in this edition, but in all others), it was shown only once a day on the channel of the broadcaster Globe, that is, we could not keep up with all the fights, conversations, games, and everything else that happened there. However, so that you can follow everything that happens in the most watched house in Brazil, through the dozens of cameras installed there, Rede Globo has made available a great application Globo Play, available for installation on all smartphones.


Therefore, if you are interested in not only knowing what this application is and how it works, but also how to install it on your smartphone, as well as another alternative to know everything that happens there, we suggest that you continue reading this article, because here we will bring you a lot of detailed information.

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Big brother app on Globo Play

One of the main broadcasters of Brazilian television is Rede Globo, which has several soap operas, series, newspapers and also programs, which attract the attention of thousands of viewers.

Among all the most watched programs of the same, is the reality show Big Brother Brazil, which goes by the simple abbreviation BBB.

It has been on air since 2002, and since then it has been considered the most watched city in the country.

There are installed dozens of cameras that can be checked by you, right there from your cell phone or computer. To do this, just install an app called Globo Play.

Through it, you have access to each of the cameras installed in the house, so you can check everything that goes on there.

Its installation is available for all smartphones, be it Android or IOS. Check out the step-by-step below.

Step 1:  access your app store, be it the App Store or Google Play.

Step 2: in the bar for searching for apps, type “Globo Play”.

Step 3: when you find the app, which is free to install, click on “Install” or “Get”.

Done1 Now just wait for the download to finish

When accessing the app, you will obviously need to create an account, so check out how to create one below:

Step 1: Access the app and click on “Register”.

Step 2: Enter some basic data that is being requested, and then click on “Register”.

Step 3: A message will be sent to the email you previously registered. From there, you must click on “Confirm email”.

Step 4: Once this is done, you will already have an account with Grupo Globo.

It is interesting to point out that if you want to change something in your profile, you can click on “Edit personal data”.


Once you subscribe to the platform, you get seven days free of charge.

However, payment must be made, and there are two alternatives.

The first alternative is the monthly payment, whose value is: R$21.90.

The other option is the current payment plan, in which you receive 25%, and the installment ends up coming out for only: R$16.40.

The total value of the annual plan is R$196.80.

Big Brother Brasil in payperview

The other alternative for you to check out absolutely everything that happens inside Casa do BBB, is through Big Brother Brasil on pay-per-view.

Have you ever heard of it?

Despite being new to many people, checking out everything that happens on the BBB through pay-per-view has already been a good alternative.

With pay per view, you get a complete view of the house, 24 hours a day, without any interruption.

Clearly and objectively, pay per view, which also goes by the acronym PPV, is a television system in which you have access to various programs that are not included in conventional television channels.

In addition to the BBB, there you can check out some sports championships, events, and much more.

Each television operator, such as NET, Oi, Claro, among others, have different ways of becoming a subscriber to a certain closed channel.

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