Precision sports – Do you already know this modality?


precision sports it's just a nomenclature of some sports whose main objective is to hit a certain target. If you want to practice a sport of this nature, you need to have a lot of concentration and still have a lot of patience.

However, the modalities are very attractive, in addition to being fun and also challenging. Based on this information, did you become interested in practicing a precision sport? Let's see throughout this article, all the details about precision sports.


One of the precision sports The most acclaimed, without a doubt, is "Golf", the word that has German etymology, and was later brought to English, meaning simply "cue". There are many versions of the history of the emergence of this sport, the most likely being that in the year 1400 the Scots created our famous "Golf".

precision sports
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Precision sports – The beginning

In our country, Golf arrives from the 19th century, brought by engineers from England, in addition to the Scots, who were responsible for building the railroad that connected the city of Santos to Jundiaí. It really was a feat to develop the modality in Brazil.

It is worth remembering that Golf was once an Olympic sport, in the 1900 and 1904 Olympics, but the sport stopped there, ceasing to be Olympic, 112 years later, Golf returns to the traditional Olympics in 2016, which was held in Brazil. Soon in our country? What a good thing, isn't it?

Golf is a very interesting game, where players use clubs that are designed to hit a ball that is very small and also very hard. The goal is to advance through the game's stages, which are divided into 18 stages. Therefore, a lot of patience is required.

Precision Sports – Details

The idea is to hit the holes, using as few shots as possible. It is worth remembering that the ball needs to enter the holes scattered around the field, however, the player cannot miss the sequence, if he misses the sequence, he will naturally be disqualified.

It is also important to emphasize that the golf courses differ from one another. That's exactly why each unknown field becomes an extra challenge for players. It is possible to play individually or in groups; groups need to have 2 or 4 players, and you don't necessarily need to have an opponent.

Undoubtedly, golfers' biggest adversary is the course in question, as that is where the results of their own effort will come from and also sometimes they can count on luck. Having a good notion of English makes it easier to understand all the terms of the sport, as they all originate from the English language.

Benefits of Golf

  • Develops patience by improving stress and anxiety levels.
  • It is a pleasant physical activity that brings results both for the physical body and for the mind.
  • It is very enjoyable entertainment for friends and family.
  • Despite seeming to be a rich sport, it is possible to practice the sport spending very little.
  • The sport is indicated for people who have dysfunctions such as dyslexia, as the game requires a lot of concentration and focus.

Other features of the sport

Golf is well known for being a sport where the art of being kind is exercised, players always greet each other, in addition to wishing their friends and teammates a good game. Everyone remains silent while the other plays, as they respect their partner's concentration.

Generally, participants even help their partner to find the ball, which often ends up disappearing, and they also don't get upset when their partner manages to accomplish a great feat, on the contrary, they have a hell of a party. It is a sport that can teach a lot.

Not to mention the discipline in terms of cleanliness, as the golf courses are impeccable, super clean, and the grass is very well treated. Now that you know some of the particularities of this sport, you can practice it at home, calling your friends and family for a beautiful game of golf.

How to play golf at home

If you are an enthusiast of this fantastic sport, you can practice it at home. If you have a good space in your house, with a lawn whether regular or not, you can create your own golf course, creating the steps and holes in your lawn.

However, if you don't have a very large space, it is possible to create a space using synthetic grass. How about learning a new sport?

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