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The Farm 2021 had its premiere on September 13, 2021, the highlight of this edition, it is certainly the presentation of the program being the responsibility of ”Adriane Galisteu”. It is worth remembering that this is the first time that a woman presents a reality show on the farm.

This year's edition brings very strong names from the national scene such as; Daiane Melo, Nego do Borel and Tati Quebra Barraco. Of course, the disagreements have already started, and the program started off quite troubled, it's worth checking all the details closely in this article.


The Farm 2021 arrives with a proposal that is a little different from the other editions, as the program intends to greatly increase the collection and the audience. The 2021 version has 20 participants, presenter Adriane Galisteu tried to interact with everyone. However, it was a little weird.

The farm 2021
Image; (Google) The Farm 2021

The Farm 2021 – Gaffes

At the premiere, Adriane Galisteu did not do very well, because when trying to interact with the pedestrians, the participants themselves did not understand much of Adriane Galisteu's advances, first she was excited with the pedestrians and tried to make a joke that was related to her program of SBT in the past, but pedestrians did not understand the joke.

It was very hilarious, because the pedestrians were silent at first, but then, not knowing what to do, they started shouting: “The Farm”, trying to relate what Adriane Galisteu was talking about, however, it had nothing to do with what presenter spoke.

After something very strange happened, the presenter asked the participants who were interested in winning the reality show, to raise their hands. However, the presenter ended up being in a vacuum, as no one interacted with her speech, it was super strange to watch.

The Farm 2021 – Participants

  • Erika Schneider
  • Aline Mineiro
  • Erasmo Viana
  • Dynho Alves
  • Rico Melquiades
  • Tiago
  • MC GUI
  • victor pecoraro
  • Borel's business
  • Liziane Gutierrez
  • Tati Breaks Shack
  • millet
  • mussunzinho
  • Arcrebian
  • Dayane Melo
  • Valentina Francavilla
  • Fernanda Medrado
  • marina ferrari
  • Gui Araújo
  • Solange Gomes

program details

The program was presented for three editions by presenter Marcos Mion, 42 years old, but in the current edition, for the first time a woman presents the reality, "Adriane Galisteu", at the age of 48, embraced this opportunity tooth and nail, however, the debut was kind of disastrous.

There will be approximately 94 episodes of the program, there will certainly be many controversies, discussions and very heavy bullshit, since the chosen cast has multiple varieties of personalities, the 2021 version of the Farm will certainly give you goosebumps! Have you chosen your favorite yet?

Reality show specialists guarantee that this version of the Farm has everything to be one of the most controversial, as the BBB has lost a lot of audience in recent years, unlike the Farm, which has been growing year after year. It's really going to give you something to talk about, it's worth following!

Big Brother Brasil vs A Fazenda

It really is the two biggest reality shows in Brazil, and in some countries too, it is worth remembering that the formats of these programs are from foreign companies, which end up selling rights to Brazilian TVs. In this case, they end up suffering small adaptations.

The two programs are very similar, as it is about confining people for a good period of time, to see who is left at the end, perhaps the big difference between the programs is just the nomenclatures, as the two programs are very similar, not to say equals.

In terms of audience, despite Big Brother having lost some points in recent years, it still dominates the size of the audience, however, A Fazenda has been growing significantly in the last 3 years, which is why it is worth checking all the investments up close. of the participants.

How to watch The Farm on mobile

If you want to watch the reality show "A Fazenda 2021" without missing a moment, just download the "TV Record" application to stay tuned to the program all the time, there is the possibility of subscriptions for you to watch the program full time for cell phone.

For more application information, visit our applications tab. The final tip is, have fun and choose your favorite character, your fans and your vote is very important for your hero to reach the grand final of Fazenda 2021. Will there be a lot of bullshit this year?

Good luck!

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