3 Tips to Increase Your Credit Card Limit


You certainly have, or know someone who has, a credit card, right? They are being requested more and more, for being a great help, when we need to buy something but we don't have the necessary money, or even, for unexpected debts.

Currently, the financial market has dozens of credit card options, from the most varied institutions, whether traditional or online, which have different conditions, in addition to different requirements for approval.


Before requesting approval, it is interesting to make it clear that your subject to analysis, not a qualifier, will be evaluated according to different questions, such as, for example, your fixed monthly income, fixed bills that you must pay, score points, among other data. your financial history.

From then on, the conditions of your card are defined, including your cost limit. The imposed limit does not always please the consumer, and if that is your case, we suggest that you continue reading this explanatory article, because here you will obtain information on how the credit card works and also, how to increase such limit.

What is a Credit Card and How Does it Work?

Although virtually everyone has a credit card, there are few who know exactly how it works. For this reason, we have brought here an objective explanation of what a credit card is about.

Credit card is one of the most used payment methods, in which it is available by practically all banks.

Banks, based on the analysis of your profile, determine whether or not you are able to have your card in hand. When given approval, it's time to determine the terms of your card.

Among the most important conditions is the limit, which is basically a value that cannot be exceeded in purchases.

In addition, another fundamental information that you should know is the fees that your card has. This is another condition that varies depending on the institution, however, in general they are:

  • Annuity fee, also called maintenance fee, whose amount can be divided among the 12 annual invoices;
  • turnover rate, quite feared, since its percentage represents a large amount that will have to come out of your pocket;
  • bill payment fee, be it electricity, water, telephone, internet, among others;
  • request fee for a duplicate of your card, if you have lost the original.

It is worth mentioning that some institutions provide an application, in which you can manage your credit card from your cell phone, seeing all your expenses, the current amount of the invoice, among other things, which is very useful.

3 Tips to Increase Your Credit Card Limit

As we said above, the credit card can often come with a spending limit that we don't like very much, for this reason, many seek to increase it.

Therefore, before you can request such an increase from the financial institution that made your card available, we suggest that you continue reading the following tips:

Increase your score: something evaluated by most institutions, when defining what your limit will be, is your score, the higher it is, the greater your limit. Therefore, before you can request a limit increase, increase your score.

Always pay the invoice on time: the payment on your invoice, in addition to not accumulating interest, can still be a good tactic for increasing your limit. It is interesting to note that your chances increase even more when the invoice is paid a few days in advance.

Always try to use your credit card:  whenever possible, use your credit card, so the institution will see that you know how to manage it well, since its constant use does not prevent you from paying it on time, or even in advance. But it is important that a good part of the limit must be used, so that there are positive results.

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