5 Digital Credit Cards That Will Be Successful In 2021


As the new year is already approaching, it is interesting to present what will be the best financial alternatives for it. So, here in this article, you will get the detailed information of the five digital credit cards that will be successful in 2021.

Credit cards, as we already know, are being requested more and more. Currently, the financial market has several options of the same, which come from the most varied institutions, which present really tempting conditions.


Among all the alternatives for applying for a credit card, there is a completely digital way, which not only guarantees greater convenience for the consumer, but also more security, since everything can be done right there from your cell phone.

Not to mention that such cards have a very interesting advantage. Therefore, for you to know information not only about what they are, but also how it works, we suggest that you check out all the content that this brief article has to offer.

What is a Digital Credit Card and How Does it Work?

As we said, the market currently has dozens of different credit card alternatives, which in turn have many really tempting conditions.

And among all these, there is the digital credit card, which for the most part does not have the dreaded annual fee.

The digital credit card is basically that common credit card, in which your request is made from some digital platform of a certain financial institution.

However, despite being quite similar to the conventional credit card, it still has some special conditions, such as the absence of bureaucratic processes for its approval.

It is interesting to make it clear that this digital card can easily be assimilated to the virtual credit card, which is mainly intended for online purchases.

Applying for a digital credit card is quite simple, as you just have to access both the application and the official page of the institution, click on request card, provide all the requested data and then wait for approval.

In order for approval to be given, an analysis of your profile is made, in which some issues of your financial history are addressed, such as credit score, monthly remuneration, among other things.

Within a few days, the approval response is given.

Regarding the limit of your card, it can be changed easily, either by reducing the value or requesting an increase.

5 Digital Credit Cards That Will Be Successful In 2021

The options are diverse, so check out the top five that are sure to draw even more public attention in 2021.

1. Nubank: although this option is already quite popular among consumers, its advantages will still attract many more people. The card popularly known as roxinho, has the Mastercard flag, accepted in virtually all establishments around the world. In addition, it still does not charge annuity.

2. Credicard Zero: also without charging an annuity, the card in question still does not require the presentation of an income. With it, you can get a discount at several large partner companies, such as Uber, Magazine Luiza, among others….

3. BMG: in addition to the annuity, this card also does not have bureaucracy, nor many analyzes for credit release. Invoice payment is consigned, that is, deducted directly from your account.

4. C6 Bank: with a 100% online service, this credit card also has a special technology, in which you don't need to insert it in the machine, just bring it closer. With it, you can still make transfers and withdrawals at any time of the day.

5. Neon: without charging an annuity, the credit card in question, coming from a fully digital fintech, still has a completely online and uncomplicated management.

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