Credit Card for Negative Credit: See How to Sign Up


Have you ever known how to use the expression “dirty name”? The expression in question basically means that you have debts added in your name, with payment pending, so you are prevented from doing several things related to the financial side.

Among all these things that you are unable to do when you have a negative name is applying for a simple credit card, which as we already know is becoming more and more important in our financial lives.


The reason why many institutions, such as banks, do not approve the credit card request for the chosen one, if they are negative, is because there is no guarantee that the same will make the monthly payment of the invoices correctly.

But then, if I have a bill without paying, will I never be able to get a credit card again? Although what we said above represents a large part of what financial institutions will tell you, there are still some “happens” to signing up for a credit card, so keep reading this article for more information.

What is a Credit Card and How Does it Work?

Although a large part of the entire population already has a credit card, not everyone knows exactly how it works, so check out our brief explanation.

As we are already aware, the credit card is a payment alternative, made available by most financial institutions.

Since it imposes a maximum amount for expenses, which is also called a limit, and is renewed every time the invoice that was closed is paid.

Some cards are accompanied by an application, in which you can check all your progress, such as expenses, establishments you have spent, current invoice amount, among many other things, that is, it is possible to carry out all your management through your cell phone.

It is interesting to note that all credit cards have a flag, which depending on, can be accepted even outside the country.

Regarding the interest rates charged on a credit card, they vary depending on the company that provided you with the card, however, we can present here which are the best known and also feared:

Annuity: without a doubt, the most feared rate is the annuity, which, by the way, can also be called a maintenance fee. So that your payment is not so heavy, some cards offer the possibility of dividing it between the 12 annual invoices.

Fees Rotary: this is also an interest that everyone avoids, since its percentage represents a huge embezzlement in anyone's pocket.

2nd copy: when you lose your original card, you are required to pay a certain amount for the duplicate.

Credit Card for Negative Credit: See How to Sign Up

Although currently most of the credit card options that the financial market has to offer are intended for people with a clean name, there are still some alternatives for negative ones, check it out.

Adherence, which also means taking out a credit card, for those with bad debts, can be even simpler than joining a credit card for those who are debt-free.

The reason? There is no query on your CPF, through Serasa or SPC platforms, to view your score. Want to know what these cards are, see below!

Neon credit card: in addition to being available to those with a dirty name, the credit card in question still does not charge an annuity. To join, simply access the institution's website ( and provide all the requested data.

International credit card:  also without an annual fee, this card has the MasterCard brand, accepted everywhere in the world. To request, simply access the application (available for all devices) and then fill in all the gaps with the requested information.

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