Discover 3 Options With Exemption From Annuity


Have you ever worded on an application for any credit card? This simple plastic card, which despite being requested more than once by practically everyone, is capable of causing great damage to your financial life, mainly due to the high fees applied.

Among all the fees that a credit card charges, one of the most feared is an annuity, the amount of which can be divided into 12 installments, so that the payment of the same is not so heavy for your pocket. However, what if we told you that it is possible to have a credit card without such fees.


That's right! Currently, the financial market has dozens of card options that you can choose from, among so many, there are those that do not charge annuity, a great alternative for your pocket, right?

Therefore, if you want more information about how exactly the credit card works, and also which ones are exempt from the annual fee, we suggest that you continue reading this brief and explanatory article.

Credit Card: Know 3 Options With Exemption From Annuity

To relieve your pocket as much as possible of unnecessary spending, check out three of the best credit card options that are free of annual fees:

1 – Nubank credit card: the famous roxinho credit card, made available by the fully digital financial institution Nubank, is one of the main options for annuity-free card. With the MasterCard flag, it is accepted in thousands of ATMs not only around Brazil, but also around the world.

2 – Credicard Zero credit card: Another interesting option for a credit card with no annual fee is Credicard Zero, which has the Mastercard Platinum brand. Your request can be made through the following website:

3 – Banco Inter credit card: finally, we have the financial institution Inter, which offers three different options of credit cards with no annual fee. With the Mastercard Gold flag, each of these cards has advantages that are better than the others.

Information About The Functions Of A Credit Card?

The credit card is seen by many as an “escape” from unexpected bills, since the financial institution imposes a high limit on you, and you use it inappropriately.

As a result, at the end of the month, we have to pay an amount many times higher than what we are actually able to pay, which ends up becoming a snowball with each closed invoice.

For this reason, it is important to bring some information about exactly how a credit card works.

As we already know, the credit card is a form of payment, whose limit is predefined by the financial institution that you requested.

This limit can be spent each month, until the day the invoice is closed, and you must pay it for the limit to be renewed, forming a constant cycle.

Although credit card conditions vary from institution to institution, it is very common to see that they charge some other fees in addition to the annuity (which, incidentally, can also be known as a maintenance fee), such as:

  • Fee for paying bills (such as water, internet, electricity, etc…);
  • Emergency credit limit assessment (when the consumer requests an emergency limit increase);
  • Revolving interest rate (also very feared among customers).

And in addition to all this, it is important to make it clear that when you lose your card, and then request a duplicate, a certain amount will be generated.

Bearing this information in mind, the tip we give you is to do a good research among the options that the financial market has to offer, in addition to detailed financial planning, which will help you to create fewer accounts.

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