Vacancies for Young Apprentice at Leroy Merlin – See how to register


Did you know there are job openings for young apprentice at the Leroy Merlin store? That's right! If you are between 14 and 24 years old, this vacancy could be yours! It is worth remembering that Brazilian law obliges large companies to allocate part of their vacancies to this worker profile, that is, a young apprentice.

For a change, we are experiencing a job crisis in Brazil, which is why, if you want to enter the job market and you are of the right age, working in a large store can be very useful, bearing in mind that you, in addition to being paid, will gain experience. One of the great difficulties for young Brazilians is getting their first job.


If you want to look job openings for young apprentice, it is necessary to keep an eye on the company ”Leroy Merlin”, considering that it is offering vacancies for this candidate profile, that is why, in this article, we are going to show all the characteristics and what requirements the candidates must have to apply for vacancy.

Vacancies for Young Apprentices
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Vacancies for young apprentices at Leroy Merlin

It is quite true that several companies in the Brazilian market, mainly the big department stores, are offering vacancies for young people, and this is nothing new, since the law requires large companies to hire people aged between 14 and 24 to work part-time with salary usually half the minimum wage.

For young people who want to work, it really is a great option, considering that in addition to being paid, you will gain experience, to work in other companies in the future, and get better positions at Leroy Merlin itself. The salary is not that great, however, the young apprentice will only work part-time.

In this way, in addition to having experience and working, he will also be paid half the minimum wage, the student in question will still be able to dedicate free time to studies, whether for a pre-university entrance exam or for high school. Therefore, it is necessary to be aware of the prerequisites to be part of the program. 

Requirements to contemplate vacancies for young apprentice

As we said at the beginning of this article, you must be between 14 and 24 years old, in addition, you must be attending elementary school, or still have a certificate of completion, for this very reason, the tip if you are not studying, look for a school and register, if you have already graduated, you must have your diploma in hand.

It is worth remembering that companies are looking for young people who are functional, that is, people who have considerable intelligence, as well as ease in dealing with people and ease in carrying out the daily tasks of large department stores, if you meet these requirements, it is worth looking for the vacancy .

It is worth remembering that many high-ranking employees of these large companies started in smaller positions, such as administrative positions, attendant among others, companies always value employees who want to grow, so be aware of the characteristics of companies.

Advantages of working at Leroy Merlin

  • The first advantage, without a doubt, is to gain experience, whether in customer service or any other position, as this can be important in your career.
  • Another advantage is that you work part-time, thus having time to do your studies.
  • Another advantage is to be remunerated, with half a minimum wage for half a period of work.
  • The end, perhaps the greatest advantage, is not to acquire a mirror and start your career in the job market.

work or study

This is a very interesting question, bearing in mind that young people often cannot combine work with study, and therefore the question arises whether it is better to spend your time studying and specializing? Or is it better to work to pay the bills? Indeed, this is the paradox experienced by most young Brazilians.

The issue is quite simple, if you are part of the upper middle class and do not need to work to pay your bills, without a doubt, it is better for you to spend your time studying and specializing, because this will be very important when it comes to having a good salary, therefore, the tip is to specialize as much as possible.

Now if you are part of the lower middle class, or the Brazilian lower class, it is impossible for you to study without working, considering that basic needs will always be knocking at your door, such as food, transportation, rent, this way it is practically impossible to study.

In these cases, the "Jovem Aprendiz" program is certainly very useful, because you can work part-time, having a remuneration, and being able to dedicate the other part of your time to studies and specialization, of course it will be more tiring, however, young people in this category have no other option.

How to get the job

If you want to work at Leroy Merlin, through the Jovem Aprendiz program, or even at other magazines, such as: Ricardo Eletro, Magazine Luiza, among other stores, just go to the company's website and look for those vacancies offered and then look for the specific vacancies for ”young apprentices”.

For more information and employment tips, visit our apps category, if you also want to know the apps that are booming at the moment, you will find them in our gallery, the final tip is, specialize as much as possible so that you can have better salaries.

Good luck!

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