Which Three Credit Cards Approve Even With Low Score


Have you ever applied for a credit card at a certain financial institution, and your application was not approved? This situation, not very pleasant, is experienced by most people, whose reasons vary according to each bank and citizen.

Nowadays, the financial market has dozens of credit card options, which can be requested both conventionally and online. However, before you can acquire yours, it is necessary to assess what are the requirements presented.


In addition to being of legal age, and also containing a minimum income, many banks still require the consumer to present a minimum score, which can be a big problem for many, since to be at a considerable level, a lot of effort is needed. .

Therefore, if you not only want to know how exactly the score score works, and which are the three credit cards that approve even with such a low score, we suggest that you continue reading this brief and explanatory article.

What Exactly Is Score Scoring About?

As you can already see, the score is something requested by most financial institutions in the market, as a requirement for approval for your credit card application.

However, what exactly is the score score all about?

Clearly, the score is a score, which aims to assess your possible level of default, calculated from the statistics obtained from your financial history.

From your financial history, some specific information is taken into account, such as: how is the payment of bills (water, electricity, telephone, internet, among others); how is your financial relationship with the companies and also, if there are debts pending payment.

The score, which varies from 0 to 1,000, is divided into levels, namely:

  • 0 to 300 points: very likely to have a name in default on accounts;
  • 301 to 700: medium risk of being in default;
  • 701 to 1,000: very low risk of default.

With such an average in hand, companies that offer credit cards generally request a score higher than 500 points, as a guarantee that you will really be able to pay your debt, whose amount is not fixed.

It is also interesting to point out that the limit of your credit card can also go according to your score, so do everything possible to keep it at a level.

What Three Credit Cards Approve Even With Low Score?

If, in any case, your credit score does not increase for you to apply for a credit card, then it is time to look for options that fit your conditions.

So, check out three credit card options below, which are approved even with your low score:

Santander Free credit card: one of the main financial institutions in the country, it has a credit card commonly released to people with a low credit score. The Santander Free card, in addition to this advantage, does not charge an annual fee if you spend more than R$ 100.00 monthly.

Neon credit card: Another card known by many to be approved by those with a low score is the Neon credit card, which belongs to the fintech Neon. However, it is important to make it clear that for you to have such a card, you must have a checking account at such an institution.

International credit card: the other credit card that we will present to you belongs to a fully digital financial institution, which means that your request must be made over the internet. Although such a card has the advantage of not having the dreaded annual fee, to acquire it, it is still necessary to present a minimum income.

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